200th ACS National Meeting - American Chemical Society

S. R. Peck, S. Ching, M. Sullivan,. R. L. McCarley, R. .... A. V. Carrano, E. W.Branscomb,. P. J.de Jong, ... M. J. Weaver, J. D. Roth, G. J. Lewis,. ...
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200th ACS National


The 200th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society will be held in Washington, DC, Aug. 26-31. At the meeting, the Division of Analytical Chemistry will sponsor or cosponsor technical sessions at which more than 170 presentations are scheduled. In addition to the technical program, the meeting will feature a presidential plenary session on understanding risk assessment (Monday, Aug. 27), a career development tutorial (Sunday, Aug. 26, and Monday, Aug. 27), a presentation on chemistry in Eastern Europe today (Tuesday, Aug. 28), a National Chemistry Week celebration (Tuesday, Aug. 28), and the ACS 200th

National Meeting celebration (Wednesday, Aug. 29). Other features of interest will be meetings of the ACS council and board of directors; ACS short courses and workshops; a national employment clearinghouse; ACS building tours; and a series of social events, including the ACS Sci-Mix (Monday, Aug. 27), an alumni hour (Wednesday, Aug. 29), and the Division of Analytical Chemistry social hour and dinner (Tuesday, Aug. 28). On-site registration facilities will be located in the main lobby of the Washington Convention Center and the Concourse Foyer of the Washington Hilton. Registration hours will be Sun-

day, Aug. 26, from 2 to 7 P.M.; Monday, Aug. 27, through Thursday, Aug. 30, from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.; and Friday, Aug. 31, from 7:30 to 10 A.M. An exposition of instruments, chemicals, technical literature, and products and services will run for three days in conjunction with the meeting. The exposition, which will be housed in the Washington Convention Center, will be open Monday, Aug. 27, and Tuesday, Aug. 28, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., and Wednesday, Aug. 29, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. The following Division of Analytical Chemistry symposia and sessions are scheduled: optical spectroscopy, the human genome initiative—new chal-


MEETINGS lenges in analytical chemistry (cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry), chiral separations, lasers and mass spectrometry, tunable semi­ conductor diode lasers for near-IR atomic and molecular spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, electroanalytical chemistry, separations, biochemistry, and biological/macromolecular separa­ tions. In addition, the Division will cosponsor a symposium on organometallic electrochemistry with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Divi­ sion of Colloid and Surface Chemistry. The Division's program will also in­ clude several award symposia. Royce Murray, recipient of the Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Elec­ trochemistry, will deliver a talk on Monday, Aug. 27, entitled "Low-Tem­ perature Electrochemistry and High Tc

Superconductor Electrodes." The Di­ vision of Analytical Chemistry Award in Chemical Instrumentation will be presented to Alan Marshall, who will deliver a talk entitled "FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry: The Teenage Years" on Monday, Aug. 27. Dennis Peters, this year's recipient of the Division of Ana­ lytical Chemistry Award for Excellence in Teaching, will deliver his award ad­ dress, "Electrochemical Studies of Halogenated Organic Compounds," on Tuesday, Aug. 28. P.W.J.M. Boumans will receive the Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Spectrochemical Analysis on Monday, Aug. 27, and will deliver an address entitled "Under­ standing Spectroscopy with a View to Rationalizing Spectrochemical Analy­ sis: An Abysmal Adventure or a Realis­ tic Ideal?"




Division of Analytical Chemistry Award In Chemical Instrumentation Symposium Honoring Alan G. Marshall—I


10:45 11:25

Organometalllc Electrochemistry Cosponsored with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

R. M. Wightman, Presiding

M. B. Comisarow, Presiding





EXAFS Spectroelectrochemistry of Metal Complexes in Polymer Films on Electrode Surfaces. W. R. Helneman, R. C. Elder, D. H. Igo, L. R. Sharpe Electrochemical Activation of Highly Oriented, Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber Electrodes. G. M. Swain, T. Kuwana Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Investigation of Human Immunoglobulin G Adsorbed on a Silver Electrode. E. S. Grabbe, R. P. Buck Award Address: Low-Temperature Electrochemistry and High-Tc Superconductor Electrodes. J. T. McDevitt, S. R. Peck, S. Ching, M. Sullivan, R. L. McCarley, R. Gollmar, L. Tender, R. W. Murray Electrochemical Applications of Soluble Polyelectrolytes. S. J. Schmittle, R. B. Sprinkle, C. M. Elliott

2:00 2:40 3:55


9:00 9:30


10:45 11:15


Reaction Mechanisms of Organometalllc Radicals. W. C. Trogler G. A. Miller, J. R. Phillips, L. Song, M. J. Therien Electrochemical Approaches to the Study of Catalysis by Organometallic Reagents. C. A. Amatore Using Electrochemical Information for Organometallic Coordination Chemistry: Stoichiometric and Catalytic Reactions. W. Kalm Rates of Inorganic Electrode Reactions Accompanied by Large Structural Change. F. A. Schultz, L. Q Zhang, X. H. Mu Two-and Multielectron Redox Processes in Metal Organic Systems Analyzed by Cyclic Voltammetry. J. Helnze K. Meerholz, K. Hinkelmann Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of d8d8 Binuclear Complexes of Rh(l). Structural Control of One- or Two-Electron Oxidations. K. R. Mann M. G. Hill, J. P. Bullock

K. R. Mann, Presiding 1:30

General: Optical Spectroscopy


F. L. Shore, Presiding 9:00 9:20

9:40 10:00 10:35 10:55 11:15

Ensuring Quality in Analytical Laboratory Services. F. L. Shore, M. D. Ramminger Limitations of Kalman Filter in Spectrofluorometric Analysis of Multicomponent Mixtures. Q. Jiang, M. C. Yappert Integrated Optical Waveguide ATR Spectrometry in Liquid Media. S. S. Saavedra, W. M. Reichert More Sensitive Detector for Mid-IR FT-IR Spectroscopy. D. Parry, G. J. Sprokel, B. A. Hoenig, H. Seki, M. R. PhHpott Submicron Cell Pathlength UV-vis-IR Spectroscopy. S. Lient, D. Peramunage 3D Imaging System for Low-Temperature Plasmas. W. A. Hareland, R. L. Williamson, R. J. Buss Determination of Trace Bromine by Graphite Furnace Molecular Absorption Spectrometry. H. Hulmlng, Y. Zhihe


Recent Progress in the Development of an AnalyticaC FT-ICR. D. H. Russell Cluster Surface Chemistry via FT-ICR. R. E. Smalley Tandem FT-ICR/MS of Large Molecules. F. W. McLafferty, K. D. Henry, B. H. Wang, E. R. Williams, A. J. Alexander Peptide Sequencing with an External Source FT Mass Spectrometer. R. T. Mclver, Jr.

Organometalllc Electrochemistry Cosponsored with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

SECTION C W. E. Geiger, Presiding


Division of Analytical Chemistry Award In Chemical Instrumentation Symposium Honoring Alan G. Marshall—II

9:30 Introductory Remarks. Fundamentals and Conceptual Development of FT-ICR Spectroscopy. M. B. Comisarow New Methods in FT-MS: An RF-Only Mode Event and a High-Efficiency Pulsed GC Interface. M. L. Gross, D. L Rempel, C. B.Jacoby Better Living through FT-MS. B. S. Frelser Award Address: FT-ICR/MS: The Teenage Years. A. G. Marshall


Division of Analytical Chemistry Award In Electrochemistry Symposium Honoring Royce W. Murray—I

M. B. Comisarow, Presiding 9:00 9:10

The Division's dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Pier 7 Res­ taurant, Channel Inn Hotel, 650 Water St., S.W. The social hour will begin at 6 P.M., followed by dinner at 7 P.M. Cost is $25. Ticket ordering information is available in the July 9 issue of Chemi­ cal & Engineering News. The ACS Department of Continuing Education will offer a series of short courses at the meeting. Further infor­ mation about these courses appears on p. 843 A of this issue. Preregistration forms and additional information are available in the June 4 and July 9 issues of Chemical & Engi­ neering News. The latter issue con­ tains the complete final program for the meeting. The program that follows includes all sessions sponsored by the Division of Analytical Chemistry.





Tuning Properties of Organometallic Centers via Reversible Redox Processes of Pendant Ligands. M. S. Wrkjhton, C. A. Mirkin, M. O. Wolf Electrochemistry as a Guide In the Synthesis of Organometallic Sulfides. T. B. Rauchfuss, E. J. Houser, J. R. Lockemeyer, A. E. Skaugset Substituent Effects on the Reduction and Reductive Activation of Arene Complexes of Chromium N. J. Cooper, J. A. Corella II, S. Lovelace Bis(arene)metal Ionization Studied by Cyclic Voltammetry and by Photoelectron Spectroscopy. C. Elschenbrolch, J. Hurley, E. Bilger, B. Metz, M. Wunsch, R. Gleiter Variable-Temperature Voltammetry with Conventional and Microelectrodes Applied to the Study of Organometallic Complexes. D. A. Swelgart. C. D. Baer, C. A. Camaioni-Neto, R. J. Ryan, Y. Zhang Redox-Promoted Linkage Isomerizations on Pentaammineosmium. W. D. Harman, H. Taube


Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Investigations of Group(IV) Organometallic Species. J. E. Anderson, L. B. Kool, T. P. Gregory, C. M. McAndrews

3:45 4:15

SECTION Β Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Electrochemistry Symposium Honoring Royce W. Murray—II C. M. Elliott, Presiding 2:00

2:25 2:50

3:15 3:55 4:20 4:45

Electrochemical and X-ray Standing Wave Studies of Redox-Active Self-Assembling Monolayers. D. Acevedo, M. Bommarito, H. D. Abruna Self-Assembled Monolayers: Structural Elements for the Control of Electron Transfer. C.E.D. Chldsey, T. M. Putvinski Tunneling Microscopy of Chemically Modified Electrodes: Organosulfur Compounds on Gold Electrodes. S. E. Creager, G. K. Rowe Surface Analysis of Electrochemically Deuterated Palladium. D. R. Rolison, W. E. O'Grady, P. P. Trzaskoma Electrochemistry and Physics of Electron Hopping in an Electroactive Polymer. J. S. Facci, M. A. Abkowitz Voltammetric Measurements in Single Cells. A. G. Ewlng, J. B. Chien, D. K. Wong, Y-Y. Lau, T-K. Chen Catecholamine Secretion Measured from Single Cells. R. M. Wlghtman, D. J. Leszczyszyn, J. A. Jankowski

ICP Sample Introduction Systems and Their Evaluation. W. Slavin, J. Ivaldi Award Address: Understanding Spectroscopy with a View to Rationalizing Spectrochemical Analysis: An Abysmal Adventure or a Realistic Ideal? P.W.J.M. Boumans



Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Excellence In Teaching Symposium Honoring Dennis G. Peters—I

Organometallic Electrochemistry Cosponsored with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry M. J. Weaver, Presiding 8:30


J. M. Hayes, Presiding 9:00


10:00 10:30 11:00

Complete Organic Chemical Analyses (Isotopic as well as Structural) Reveal Molecular Histories. J. M. Hayes, Κ. Η. Freeman Induced Adsorption of Methylviologen Cation Radical by Alkyl Sulfate Surfactants. D. H. Evans, Ε. Ε. Engelman Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Neurotransmitters. M. D. Morris Problems of Teaching Bioanalytical Chemistry. M. V. Novotny Award Address: Electrochemical Studies of Halogenated Organic Compounds. D. G. Peters

9:30 10:00 10:30

Electrochemical Generation of Technetium Methylene Diphosphonate Complexes. W. R. Heineman, J. L. Martin, Jr., K. Abbaspour, C. L. Lunte, E. A. Deutsch, R. C. Elder Calculation of Thermodynamic and Voltammetric Data from Redox Studies of Insoluble Compounds Following Their Mechanical Transfer onto Solid Electrodes. A. M. Bond, F. Scholz Electrode-Surface Organometallic Chemistry. M. P. Soriaga Electron Transfer and Transport Studies of Redox Polymers. H. D. Abruna, S. Lopez, S. P. Lowery Ferric Porphyrin Complexes with Hydroxide and Species Derived Therefrom. C. M. Elliott SECTION Β

Symposium on Chiral Separations—I S. Ahuja, Presiding 9:00 9:05 9:35

Introductory Remarks. Amino Acid Racemization—A Tool for Dating? V. R. Meyer Chiral Stationary Phases: From Early Developments to the Present. E. Gll-Av

SECTION C The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges In Analytical Chemistry I. Overview Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry L. M. Smith, Presiding 2:00 2:10 3:15 4:00

Introductory Remarks. Introduction and Overview of the Human Genome Initiative. L. Hood National Institutes of Health Human Genome Program. E. Jordan DOE Human Genome Program. B. Barnhart SECTION D

Division of Analytical Chemistry Spectrochemlcal Analysis Award Symposium Honoring P.W.J.M. Boumans—I A. Scheeline, Presiding 1:30 2:00



Basic Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Low-Temperature Plasmas—Techniques and Needed Data. W. L. Wlese Evolution of a New Plasma Source for Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. M. W. Blades, D. C. Liang, T. Hettipathirana, D. L. Smith New Insight into Fundamental Processes in the ICP and Their Influence on Analysis from Time-Resolved Emission and Laser Light Scattering Measurements. J. W. Oleslk, J. C. Fister III, L. C. Bates, E. J. Williamsen Spectrochemical Approaches to the Analysis of Semiconductor Organometallics. R. M. Barnes, M. Argentine, T. Jacksier, M. Jahl

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MEETINGS 10:30 11:00



Analytical Criteria for Chiral HPLC: Where We Are Now. T. 0. Doyle Influence of Mobile-Phase Composition, Solute Type, and the Structure of Chiral Stationary Phases on the Resolution of Optical Isomers by HPLC. S. C. Dhanesar Direct isocratic HPLC Resolution of Glutethlmide Enantiomers and its 4-Hydroxyglutethimlde Metabolites. H. Y. Aboul-Enebi, M. R. Islam Homochiral and Nonchiral Derivatization Methodologies for the LC Resolution of Chiral Pharmaceuticals. J. Gal

4:00 4:20 4:40

Functionality of Choline Oxidase Immobilized on Silicon-Based Supports. J . Z. Stemple, T. L. Fare, P. E. Schoen Electrochemistry and Dennis G. Peters: A Multidlsclplinary Approach. B. Wlllett Portable Medical Testing Laboratory and Training Program for Use in Rudimentary Environments. S. L. Burden, M. A. Coles

Organometalllc Electrochemistry Cosponsored with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

SECTION C F. A. Schultz, Presiding The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges In Analytical Chemistry II. Genome Mapping Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry


R. Moyzis, Presiding 9:00 9:40 10:40



Physical Mapping of Human Chromosomes. M. V. Olsen Progress Toward a Physical Mapping of Human Chromosome 11q. G. A. Evans Physical Mapping on Human Chromosome 19. A. V. Carrano, E. W.Branscomb, P. J. de Jong, E. Garcia, H. Mohrenweiser, A. Olsen Problems and Progress in Making Maps of the Human Genome. C. R. Cantor SECTION D

Dlvtoon of Analytical Chemistry Spectrochemical Analysis Award Symposium Honoring P.W.J.M. Boumans—II

2:30 3:15




W. Slavin, Presiding 8:45 9:15 9:45 10:30 11:00 11:30

Radiofrequency-Powered Glow Discharge Devices: Overcoming the "Nonconducting" Barrier. R. K. Marcus Beating Solid Samples into Submission, or Is It the Other Way Around? A. Scheellne, D. L. Miller, Z. Wang Investigation of Helium ICP Discharges and New Sample Introduction Systems for Atomic Spectroscopy. A. Montaser Critical Evaluation of New Ways for Sample Introduction in ICP Spectrometry. J.A.C. Broekaert Plasma Source Spectrometry for Elemental Analysis: Atomic Emission Versus MS. G. Horllck Analytical Atomic Spectrometry—What Next? J. D. Wlnefordner



Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Excellence in Teaching Symposium Honoring Demis G. Peters—II


3:00 3:20

Simultaneous Measurement of Dopamine and Oxygen with Microelectrodes in Brain Tissue. J. B. Zimmerman, R. T. Kennedy, R. M. Wlghtman Electrochemical Reactivity of Mixed Monolayer Films of Organosulfur Compounds Chemisorbed on Gold. S. E. Creager, A. Fletcher, G. Rowe Spectrochemical Investigation of Double-Layer Structure. M. R. Anderson Spectroscopy and Kinetics of Tm 3 + and E r + Upconversion. D. C. Nguyen, N. J. Cockroft, M. Dulick, G. E. Faulkner

3:40 4:20

Technical Issues Associated with Building a National Genome Database. T. Marr Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Initiative. N. S. Wexler Structure and Function of Chromatin. Ε. Μ. Bradbury



The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges In Analytical Chemistry IV. Automated DNA Sequencing Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry L. M. Smith, Presiding 9:00 9:45

10:15 11:00


High-Speed DNA Sequencing and the Analysis of the Human Genome. L. M. Smith High-Speed DNA Sequencing: An Approach Based upon Fluorescence Detection of Single Molecules. L. M. Davis, E. R. Fairfield, C. A. Harger, J. H. Jett, J. H. Hahn, R. A. Keller, L. A. Krakowski, J. C. Martin, B. L. Marrone, R. L. Ratllff, N. K. Seitzinger, E. B. Shera, S. A. Soper New Methods to Sequence DNA by MS. T. M. Brennan Automated DNA Sequencing from Radioisotoplcaily Labeled DNA. G. S. Page, M. T. Roskey, M. A. Vargo, T. Allen, N. Beaudette, C. Shearer-Cooper, J. Beck, D. Yetman Technology Required for Automated Sequencing in the 1990s. M. Hunkaplller

Organometallic Electrochemistry Cosponsored with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

SECTION Β W. Qiering, Presiding Symposium on Chiral Separations—II


S. Ahuja, Presiding 2:00



4:00 4:30

R. M. Wlghtman, Presiding 2:00

Comparisons between Carbonyl Coordination in High-Nuclearity Platinum Clusters and Electrode Surfaces as Probed by FT-IR Spectroetectrochemistry. M. J. Weaver, J. D. Roth, G. J. Lewis, L. F. Dahl Cobalt and Ruthenium Clusters ETC Catalysis in Water. Β. Η. Robinson, K. Robinson, J. Simpson, N. Duffy Electrochemistry of Ruthenium Carbonyls. P. H. Rleger, J. E. Cyr Electrochemistry, Syntheses, and Structures of Electron-Deficient Butterfly Clusters. L. J. Lyons, J. Wang, A. M. Crespi, M. Sabat, S. Harris, C. Woodcock, D. F. Shriver Redox Isomerization in Manganese Carbonyl Chemistry: Catalysis, Mixed-Valency, and Heterobinuclear Paramagnets. N. G. Connelly Electrochemical Behavior of Phenylene-Bridged Organometallic Complexes. A. D. Hunter, R. Chukwu, V. Mozol, D. Ristlc-Petrovic Mixed Valency in Rigid Radical Cations of Binuclear Complexes Containing (Arene)Cr(CO)2(PR3) Groups. W. E. Geiger, D. T. Pierce, J. Merkert


Chiral Recognition on Biopolymer-Based HPLC Chiral Stationary Phases: A Case for Multiple Interaction Sites. I. W. Wabier, P. Jadaud, E. Domenici Enantioselectivity of Bidentate Hydrogen Bond Association In Chromatography. S. Hara, A. Dobashi, Y. Dobashi Chromatographic Optical Resolution on Polysaccharide Carbamate Phases. Y. Okamoto, R. Aburatani, Y. Kaida, K. Hatada Recent Developments in Protein Column-Based Chiral Reversed-Phase LC. S. G. Altenmark Optimization of Chiral Separations on Silica-Bonded α-Acid Glycoprotein by Mobile-Phase Additives. G. Schill, E. Arvtdsson, E. Balmèr


9:30 10:15 10:45 11:15

Electrochemistry of Porphyrins with Metal-Carbon or Metal-Metal Bonds. Κ. Μ. Kadteh Electron-Transfer Thermodynamics, Valence-Electron Hybridization, and Bonding of the Tetrakis(2,6-Dichlorophenyl)-meso-oorphinato Complexes of Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Silver, and Zinc, and of the P+Mn(0) and P+Fe(0) Oxene Adducts. D. T. Sawyer, H-C. Tung, P. Chooto Terdentate Coordination in Oligomers and Electrocatalysts. H. D. Abruna, C. Arana Redox Interconversion of Thioether Macrocyclic Complexes. M. Schroder Redox Properties of Dirhenium Polyhydrides Containing between Eight and Four Hydride Ligands. R. A. Walton Electrochemistry of CP'RH and CP'RU Halogeno Complexes. U. Koelle, J. Kossakowskl SECTION Β

SECTION C The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges in Analytical Chemistry III. Genome Mapping Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry R. Moyzis, Presiding 2:00

Assembling the Human Genome: Analytic Challenges. E. Lander


Symposium on Lasers and M S D. M. Lubman, Presiding 8:30 9:00

Laser Photodissociation and Metastable Decay of Peptide Ions Studied by FT-MS. R. T. Mclver, Jr., S. Guan Selective Fragmentation of Peptide Molecules Using Laser Desorption/ Chemical Ionization FT-MS. I. J. Ameter, D. S. Cornett, P. S. Speir, G. S. Gorman


10:15 10:45 11:15

Multiphoton Ionization of Laser-Desorbed Neutrals in a Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer. J. A. Zimmerman, C. H. Watson, J. R. Eyler IR and Visible Laser Desorption FT-ICR/ MS. A. G. Marshall, Z. Liang Some Approaches to Improving Laser Desorption FT-MS. M. L. Gross, M. P. Chiarelli, D. L. Rempel, R. P. Grese Laser Probe MS. D. A. Well, M. Fitzgerald, J. Covey, J. Campana

SECTION C Symposium on Tunable Semiconductor Diode Lasers for Near-IR Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy I. Instrumentation




Organometalllc Electrochemistry Cosponsored with the Division of Inorganic Chemistry and the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry N. Connelly, Presiding 1:30

R. W. Shaw, Presiding 9:00

9:45 10:25 10:50


Advances in Tunable Semiconductor Diode Lasers. D. Mehuys, M. Mfttelstein, L. Eng, A. Yarlv Diode-Laser-Based Tunable Sources for Electronic Spectroscopy. G. J. Dixon Continuously Tunable Extended Cavity Diode Laser for Molecular Spectroscopy. M. Matthew, N. Goldstein Molecular Gas Detection Using Frequency Modulation Diode Laser Spectroscopy. L-G. Wang, G. Sachse Spectroscopy and Process Monitoring with Line-Locked AIGaAs Diode Lasers. N. Goldstein, F. Bien, S. M. Alder-Golden

Applications of Automated Fluorescent DNA Sequencing in a Molecular Biology Core Laboratory. P. A. Rosteck, Jr. Automated Translation and Genetic Coding Algorithms. M. M. Yang, W. J. Coleman, D. C. Youvan Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Organic Molecules. W. Stokhaus, M. Allen, R. Balhorn, M. Balooch, R. Tench

2:00 2:30

3:15 3:45



SECTION Β Symposium on Lasers and MS —Η I. J. Amster, Presiding 1:30 2:00 2:30

Electron-Transfer Chain Catalysis in Organotransltion Metal Chemistry: Principles and Applications. D. Astruc, M-H. Desbois, J. Ruiz Electrochemical Studies of a Series of 17-Electron Complexes. M. C. Baird, S. J. Brown, J. A. Page, K. O'Callaghan Chemistry Surrounding the Redox-Promoted Carbonylation of the Iron-Alkyl Bond. W. P. Glering, A. Prock, S. Hoffman, K. Eriks Electrochemical Studies of 19-Electron Complexes. D. R. Tyler, F. Mao Redox Chemistry of Metallacumulenes, Alkynyls, and Alkyne Complexes. J. P. Selegue, K. G. Frank, G. A. Koutantonis, B. A. Young Oxidation of d° Group IV Metallocene Complexes. W. Tumas, M. J. Burk, M. D. Ward, D. R. Wheeler

Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Reversible C-C Bond Activation in Niobium Ketone Complexes. J. W. Bruno, A. Saravanamuthu, A. E. Bruce, M.R.M. Bruce, M. C. Fermin, A. S. Hnelhen




Matrix-Assisted Desorption Using FT-MS. C. L. Wllkens, L. M. Nuwayslr Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization for the Analysis of Protein Mixtures. R. C. Beavte, Β. Τ. Chart Matrix-Assisted UV Laser Desorption with Single Ion Counting. K. G. Standing, W. Ens, Y. Mao, F. Mayer Matrix-Assisted UV Laser Desorption MS of Synthetic and Biopolymers. P. J. Savlckas, J. M. Gardner, S. J. Doktycz Determination of Oligonucleotide Sequences and Modifications by Laser Desorption FT-MS. R. L. Hetttah, M. V. Buchanan Laser Studies of Structure and Thermochemistry in an Ion Trap. R. E. Kaiser, F. Clairet, B. D. Nourse, R. G. Cooks

SECTION D General: MS B. S. Freiser, Presiding 9:00 9:20





Endothermic Ion Molecules for the Dissociation of Biopolymers in Tandem MS. R. Orlando, C. Fenselau, R. J. Cotter Glutathione Conjugation with Phosphoramide Mustard. A Mechanistic Study Using Tandem MS. Z. Yuan, C. Fenselau Selective Adduct Formation in Chemical Ionization of Aromatic Compounds in a Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer. J. BrodbeH Proton Affinity Determinations in an Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer by the Kinetic Method. B. D. Nourse, F. Clariet, R.G. Cooks FT-ICR/MS Study of the Gas-Phase Reactions of Nb + with Alcohols. J. H. Ng, S. W. Buckner, J. R. Gord, A. Chen, B. S. Freiser Study of the Gas-Phase Chemistry of Y 2 + with Small Alkanes. Y. D. Hill, Y. D. Huang, B. S. Freiser

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;at No. 8575

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON SECTION A The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges In Analytical Chemistry V. Automated DNA Sequencing Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry L. M. Smith, Presiding 2:00 2:30

Can the Scanning Tunneling Microscope Sequence DNA? S. M. Lindsay Multiplex DNA Sequencing. R. F. Geateland, D. Dunn, J. Ives, A. Karger, R. Weiss


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MEETINGS SECTION D General: Separations—I H. Grade, Presiding 9:00 9:20



10:35 10:55

11:15 SECTION C Symposium on Tunable Semiconductor Diode Lasers for Near-IR Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy II. Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

SECTION Β Symposium on Lasers and MS

2:00 2:25 2:50 3:30 3:55

4:20 4:45

Diode Laser Optical Pumping of Alkali Metal Atoms. J. C. Camparo Resonance Ionization MS Using Tunable Diode Lasers. R. W. Shaw, J. P. Young, D. H. Smith Thermal Lens Spectroscopy Using Tunable Diode Lasers. R. E. Russo, J. D. Spear, R. J. Suva, D. Rojas Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy Using a Visible Semiconductor Laser. T. Imasaka, N. Ishibashi Near-IR Laser Diodes and Near-IR Labels: A Powerful Analytical Approach. G. Patonay, R. Williams, J. Micks, A. Boyer Near-IR Raman Spectroscopy with 782and 830-nm Diode Lasers. Y. Wang, C. Allred, R. McCreery Near-IR Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Diode Lasers. S. M. Angel, M. L. Myrick


J. Campana, Presiding 8:30

R. W. Shaw, Presiding


9:30 10:15 10:45 11:15

Chemical Analysis on a Microscopic Scale Using Two-Step Laser Desorption/ Multiphoton Ionization MS. L. J. Kovalenko, J-M. Philippoz, J. R. Bucenell, R. Zenobi, R. N. Zare Multiphoton Resonance Ionization of Molecules Desorbed from Surfaces by Ion Beams. D. Hrubowchak, M. Ervin, N. Wlnograd Laser-Induced Ionization Spectroscopy of Small Biological Molecules in Supersonic Beams. D. M. Lubman, L. Li Single-Photon Ionization as a Sensitive Analytical Tool. C. H. Becker Photodissociation Kinetics of Larger Ions. R. C. Dunbar Cluster Ion Spectroscopy and Photochemistry in a Reflectron TOF Mass Spectrometer. M. A. Duncan


The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges In Analytical Chemistry VI. Separations Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry

9:20 9:40


10:00 10:45 11:15

Introduction to Separation Techniques for DNA Analysis. N. J. Dovichi LC/CZE for High-Resolution Separations. J. W. Jorgensen, Μ. Μ. Bushey, C. A. Monnig Capillary Gel Electrophoresis in DNA Sequencing. B. L. Karger, A. S. Cohen, D. Najarian DNA Separation by FFF. J. C. Glddlngs, M-K. Liu, J. Yong Chromosome Separations by Flow Cytometry. J. W. Gray, D. Peters

2:00 2:25 2:50 3:30


N. J. Dovichi, Presiding 9:00

Β. Τ. Chait, Presiding

General: Electroanalytical Chemistry—I


10:00 10:35 10:55 11:15

Electrochemical Detection Combined with Double-Injection FIA for Determination of Glucose in Bioprocess Media. X. Wen, H.J.K. Powell, J. Ruzicka, G. D. Christian Electroanalytical Behavior of Zopiclone. H. Zhang, J-C. Vire, G. J. Patriarche, G. D. Christian Microelectrodes Based on Carbonized Polyacrylonitrile. A. Brennsteiner, J. Wang, A. P. Sylvester Constant Potential Amperometric Detection at Copper Electrodes. P. Luo, F. Zhang, R. P. Baldwin Discharging and Recharging of Membrane Electrodes. N. Ashraf, S.X.R. Yang, K. L. Cheng Membrane Electrodes without Internal Solution. K. L. Cheng, N. Ashraf, K. Hamdani Electrochemistry of Some Nitrated Phenylfurans. A. U. Shaikh, S. E. Smith, Ε. Κ. Fifer



The Human Genome Initiative: New Challenges In Analytical Chemistry VII. The Mass Spectrometry of Large Molecules Cosponsored with the Division of Biological Chemistry


G. J. Patriarche, Presiding


New GC/RXN-MS Interface—A Chemical Route to More Information from GC/MS. W. V. Ligon, Jr., H. Grade Study of Microextractor Designs and Optimization for Use in Analytical SFE of Environmentally Important Compounds. K. G. Furton, J. Rein Gas Chromatographic Concepts for the Analysis of Planetary Atmospheres. J. R. Valentin, K. W. Hall, R. L. Krekorian, D. K. Cullers, J. B. Phillips Single-Molecule Detection of Fluorophores in Flowing Sample Streams Utilizing CW and Pulsed-Laser Excitation. S. A. Soper, R. A. Keller, E. B. Shera, J. C. Martin, J. H. Jett Detection of Single Fluorescent Molecules. N. K. Seltzlnger, E. B. Shera, L. M. Davis, R. A. Keller, S. A. Soper Interfacing Ion Chromatography with Particle Beam MS for the Analysis of Organic Anionic Compounds. R. Slingsby, J. Hsu, M. Brown, R. D. Stephens Speciation of Trace Metals by Using Ion Chromatography Coupled with ElementSelective Detection. HI. T. Urasa, W. J. Mavura



Laser Desorption MS of Biomolecules. B. T. Chart, R. C. Beavis Recent Developments in Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/lonization MS of Macromolecules. M. Karas, F. Hillenkamp TOF-MS of DNA by Pulsed-Laser Ablation from Frozen Aqueous Solutions. P. Williams, R. W. Nelson Electrospray Ionization and Tandem MS of Large Molecules. R. D. Smith, J. A. Loo, C. G. Edmonds, C. J. Barinaga, H. R. Udseth Ion Evaporation MS and MS/MS for Sequencing Oligonucleotides, Carbohydrates, and Peptides. T. Covey, B. Shushan Contributions of High-Performance Tandem MS to the Structural Determination of Biological Macromolecules. C. E. Costello Applications of a New Tandem Mass Spectrometer to Nucleoside and Nucleotide Problems. M. L. Gross, R. L. Cerny, E. Cavalieri, E. Regan, R. Bateman SECTION Β

General: Biochemistry H. G. Meyer, Presiding 2:00

Novel FIA Method for Bioprocess Monitoring. M. de Bang, X. Wen, S. Chung, K. Vilholm, J. Ruzicka, G. D. Christian


2:40 3:00 3:35 3:55 4:15


Fiber-Optic Biosensor for the Determination of Xanthine and Hypoxanthine. J. Hlavay, S. D. Haemmerli, G. G. Guilbault Replication of Bacteriophage M13mp 18 Using Blotin-Labeled Nucleotides. L. A. Krakowskl, R. L. Ratliff Determination of Molecular Structures from Spectrophotometric Curves. J. Chrastll Electrocatalytic Behavior of Adsorbed Cytochrome c Peroxidase on Pyrolytic Graphite. D. Scott, E. F. Bowden Studies of the Conformational Stability of Cytochrome c from Different Species. X. Yuan, F. M. Hawkridge Development of an Antibody That Binds Sulfur Mustard. H. G. Meyer, C. N. Lieske, C. L. Gross, J. H. Clark, T. W. Dolzine, T. P. Logan, A. T. Swift Flber-Optic Biosensor for Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide. J. Hlavay, G. G. Guilbault

SECTION Β General: Separations—II J. G. Nikelly, Presiding 9:00


9:40 10:00 10:35


Identification of Compounds by Gas Chromatographic Retention indices Using Parallel Columns with a Single Detector. J. G. Nikelly, P. K. Gupta Gas Chromatographic Physicochemical Measurements of Practical Applications of Liquid Tetra-n-Butylammonium rvAlkyl Sulfonate Salts. K. G. Furton, R. Morales Comparison of the Interactions in Normal-Phase HPLC via UV Spectroscopy. L. D. Otsen, R. J. Hurtubise Crossllnked Fluoropolymers as Stationary Phases for Silica HPLC Column Packings. J. Wangsa, N. D. Danielson Analysis of Synthetic Amlnosugars by Paired-Ion Reversed-Phase HPLC with Pulsed Amperometric Detection. R. R. Rhlnebarger, D. A. Roston, M. del C. Pena

General: Electroanalytlcal Chemistry—II

General: Electroanalytlcal Chemistry—ill

K. Ashley, Presiding 2:00 2:20

2:40 3:00



Thin-Layer Flow Cell for IR Spectroeiectrochemical Applications. J. D. Roth, M. J. Weaver In Situ FT-IR Studies of CO Adsorption on Platinum Single-Crystal Electrodes and the Effect of UPD Bl and CU. S-C. Chang, M. J. Weaver Electrode Reaction Kinetics as Measured by Cyclic Voltammetry at Microdisk Electrodes. L. Safford, M. J. Weaver Vertically Separated Interdigitated Array Electrodes for Highly Sensitive Detection of Catecholamines. M. Mortta, O. Niwa, T. Horiuchi, H. Tabei Electrochemically Assessed Corrosion Reactivity of High-Temperature Superconductor Phases. J. T. McDevHt, D. R. Riley Potentiometric and Spectroscopic Studies of Metal Complexes with Selenomethionine. H. Zalnal, W. R. Wolf, R. Khana




J. T. McDevitt, Presiding 9:00 9:20





Combined SHG/QCM Study of Copper UPD on Gold. K. Ashley, S. Lakkaraju, M. Lazaga, M. J. Bennahmias Observation of a c(2X8) Coincidence Lattice Formed by Chemisorbed Oxygen on Rhodium(100). R. M. Thlehsen, B. C. Schardt Silver Underpotential Deposition on Platinum(111). Examination with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. C. M. Vitus, B. C. Schardt In Situ Imaging of Underpotential Deposition of Copper on lodine-Pretreated Platinum