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A phosphate Makes, this Difference

vTAnother interesting e x a m p l e of h o w Victor criemicais benefit i n d u s t r y . . . f r o m A g r i c u l t u r e to Atomic Energy, f r o m Foods to Pharmaceuticals·

Victor's " T a k e Hold"^" gives transplants a spectacular shot-in-the-arm that avoids root shock, establishes them quicker, r e d u c e s p l a n t l o s s e s , a n d produces earlier a n d larger yields. Growers are earliest to the market w h e n their crops get a head start with Take Hold. Take Hold is completely soluble in water. It is easy to u s e a n d forms n o equipment-clogging sludge. It pays t o s e e Victor.



Phosphoric Acids



Phosphorus C h l o r i d e s Oxalates

O r g a ^ o p h o s p h o r u s Compounds


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For m a n y years, Victor has been helping industry to develop new sales a p p e a l s a n d to lower costs through t h e use of Victor products. Today m a n y industries a r e benefiting from Victor research a n d manufacturing experience. If you have a product or a process that a phosphate, formate, or oxalate might help, it will p a y you t o s e e Victor Chemical Works, 141 W. Jackson Blvd.„ Chicago 4, 111. In the West: A. R. Maas, South Gate. Calif.

for 55 Years