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ACS 223rd NATIONAL MEETING April 7-11,2002 · Orlando, Florida


Mark Your Calendars,.. Visit ACS PUBLICATION Booth # 6 5 8

l hilc in Orlando this Spring, m a k e a point of stopping by ^ lo view the entire print mid electronic collection of scientific journals offered to the chemical community In the publisher with a tradition of excellence — AC'S Publications. Second lo none, the AC S is proud of the c]uality and value provided in each of our publications — publications that have consis­ tently ranked as the top-rated journals in overall citations and impact factor for all chemistry-related categories, and beyond. /

Since 1 9 9 9 . while broiidenini» mid improving upon our commitments to quiilitv mid excellence. AC'S Publications has introduced ii toUil of h new journals: i)rfjuni< Letters ( 1999). Ι^πι* ,„Ί1 .*.-/ * <-*.iU\i>: tA < f - - r i · ( 1999). ttimnaf ron-Htlet ale* (2000).'.' e>tKiu; r >ΊΙΙ-«·ΙΪ, ; ; l/r^l·;** i\ml J ' ' (both in 2001 ). mid the recent l> Immched -;^M Î >/<< ι >/ l i ^ ^ (2002) ACS Publications is truly prixlicked to serve the chemical sciences community in publishing the most read, most respected, and most referenced journals in nil of chemistry. We would like to extend our personal thanks to ACS members, subscribers, contributing authors, reviewers, editors, and information specialists around the i»lobe lor your ongoing tremendous support. Thank you. and we look forward to seeing vou in Orlando!

Booth Highlights to Include: Exclusive ACS Member Web Prices ; Editorial Announcements and " In-Booth Receptions - All Welcome! ACS Web Edition Backfile Innovative Web Edition Features (Articles ASAP, TOC and ASAP and more... Including our fdwaus-popular^Trivia Quiz*