Aggregation of Dicationic Surfactants with Methyl Orange in Aqueous

Robson Valentim Pereira , Marcelo Henrique Gehlen. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 2005 61 (13-14), 2926-2932 ...
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The interactions of Methyl Orange (MO) with a series of gemini bis(quaternary ammonium bromide) amphiphiles (12-n-12, n = 4, 8, 12), a pyridinium-based gemini amphiphile (10p-4-p10), a bolaform amphiphile (C20Me6), and a dicationic amphiphile lacking

David J. Neivandt, Michelle L. Gee, Michael L. Hair, and Carl P. Tripp. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 1998 102 (26), 5107-5114. Abstract | Full Text HTML ...

Oct 1, 1992 - Akira Ishikubo , Jimmy Mays and Matthew Tirrell. Industrial & Engineering ..... Olga Vorobyova, Ahmad Yekta, and Mitchell A. Winnik , Willie Lau.

Aug 15, 1995 - Institut C. Sadron (CRM-EAHP), CNRS-ULP, 6 rue Boussingault, 67000, Strasbourg, ... to occur in solutions of zwitterionic surfactants where the.

Mar 1, 2011 - Degradation of Low Concentration Methyl Orange in Aqueous. Solution .... However, in the ultrasonic-enhanced membrane micro- filtration ...

Mar 1, 2011 - Ltd. China with nominal 28.0 kHz vibrating frequency and variable nominal power in the range 0−300.0 W. Low pressure mercury lamp with a ...

Aug 25, 1998 - For lower values of this ratio, the discrepancy between the two values increases very rapidly and examples are given where SSFQ yields values up to 4 times smaller than TRFQ. The discrepancy between the two methods also increases with

Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Savannah River Technology ... Citation data is made available by participants in Crossref's Cited-by Linking service.

group. Such a change, however, calls for the break- ing of the lactone ring, and the shifting of the ... to have been able to prepare either of the salts in equa-.

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