An Improved Apparatus for Oscillographic Observation of

from 0 to —0.3 v. with output circuit 1, and 0 to .... 74. Table II givesaverage K values for the five different sweep frequencies used at each star...
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Feh., 1959





for the chnnges in conductance which occur in the in the direction expected on the basis of the model. Tistlius cell during electrophoresis of BSA and ovalAcknowledgments.-The author wishes t o thank huiniii a t pH 4, it fails to account for the large Drs. John G. Kirkwood, Lewis (3. Longsworth arid changes in pH. Furthermore, the deviations of the Serge N. Timasheff for their helpful discussions of o h w v e d from the theoretics1 changes in pH are this work.

AN IMPROVED APPARATUS FOR OSCILLOGRAPHIC OBSERVATION OF POLAROGRBPHIC PHENOMENA. OSIDA4TION-REDUCTION PATTERN OF Cd(I1): EFFECTS OF OXYGEN AND GELATIN’ B Y DONALD c. Ilie trniiaitioii teinpernture of 1'7'7". The stmicture of the high tempernture forin appen,rn t'o consist of n t)ody-ceiitel.ed-c~il)ic:way of sulfur atonis \vit,h silver :Lt)oms raiidonily distrihuted :moiig the interstitial sites.3 Diff usioii of silver niid sulfur in t,he low teniperature forin \\'as iiieasured by Rlme. PechaiiskiJ by means of the ex(1) This work w a s supported by the U. S. Atotnio Energy Coniiiiissioii, Contract No. AT-(11-1)-250. Contribution No. S29 from t h e Chetnistry Delmrtiiient of Indians University. ( 2 ) A. H. FriicIi. 2. Kri,?t., 110, 2 (1958). (3) P. Rnlilfs, Z. plrusik C h e i n . , BS1, 1.77 (lU31i). (4) D. Pechanski, J . v l i i w . p h u s . , 4'7, 137 (193ti).

clixiige I)et>\veeii r:itlio:wt~i\~esill.ei- iiitixte :i,iid sodiuni sulfide ,qolut,ioiis niid fiiiely tli\.idecl cryst:illites of silver sulfide iii suspeusioii. This niethod is satisf:xct,ory, but liar? :i liniited :~c*curncyowiiig tJo the size clisti-ibut>ioiiof t'lie cxi.ystnllites :uid the necessity of npprosiiixtt iiig their geonietric. form hy spheres;. She found D S = 0.24 esp( --%.:< kc:il./RT) clii.' sec.-I niid D.k6: = i).:j X IO-' esp(--0.1 kc:Ll.,,BT). The diffusion of 8-35 ill cubic AgzS was reported5 t,o he 1 ) ' s = 2.4 x lo-* exp(-Z-l.O kcal.lRT). It is not easy to reconcile this result wit,h that for Ds. No ineasureiiieiits of diffusion of silver in cubic silver sulfide have beeit (.5) 11. I r l i i u i i r o 1:. Orln niid T. Bujitio. .llou. I i i s l . ,Sei, I i ! d t ~ s .Rcn., [ ' i i i w , , & i f ! / , 10, 1 (lV:,3).