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Anaerobic Biotransformation of Trichlorofluoroethene in Groundwater Microcosms. Sanjay Vancheeswaran, Michael R. Hyman, and Lewis Semprini*. Environ...
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1999, Volume 33, Pages 635-641 Analysis of Air Quality Data Using Positive Matrix Factorization Dear Editor: The recent article, K. G. Paterson et al. [Environ. Sci. Technol. 1999, 33(4), 635-641] mistakenly reports six authors (Paterson, Sagady, Hooper, Bertman, Carroll, and Shepson). The three non-Michigan Tech authors, S. B. Bertman, M. A. Carroll, and P. B. Shepson, while providing critical administrative and data contributions to the project, were not given an opportunity to review the findings presented in this work. As such, they should not be construed to be connected to any of the work presented, although their contributions are gratefully acknowledged. I apologize for any confusion in this matter. Kurtis G. Paterson Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan 49931

ES992017R 10.1021/es990217r Published on Web 07/30/1999

Editor’s Note This is official notice that the paper entitled “Analysis of Air Quality Data Using Positive Matrix Factorization” by Paterson et al. (Environ. Sci. Technol. 1999, 33, 635-641) should henceforth be cited as having the following authors and only the following authors:

Program for Research on Oxidants: PHotochemistry, Emissions, and Transport (PROPHET) without the knowledge of or consent of Steven B. Bertman, Mary Anne Carroll, or Paul B. Shepson. This is a clear violation of the ethical guidelines of this journal. Moreover, we are informed that the latter group of authors would not have given approval to the submission of the article without their participation in the interpretation of the data and in the writing of the paper, and, therefore, they did not give Dr. Paterson authority to waive copyright on the material submitted. The Editor regrets that this occurred, but our procedures do not allow us to determine in advance whether corresponding authors comply with this and other aspects of the ethical guidelines, except by their word. We hope that this notice in a small way rectifies the error made by Dr. Paterson, which is acknowledged in the letter printed above, and that it will serve to emphasize to authors of papers submitted to the journal that authorship is a right and privilege. In our ethical guidelines for authors ( it is noted that authorship is reserved only for those who consent to the submission of the work and have had an opportunity to view the paper before submission. Coincidentally, the Editor referred to this issue in an editorial printed immediately before this case came to our attention (Environ. Sci. Technol. 1999, 33, 105A). We ask that all authors take this occasion to review this part of the ethical guidelines as well as others. William H. Glaze, Editor Environmental Science & Technology

Kurtis G. Paterson, Jessica L. Sagady, and Dianne L. Hooper


It has come to the attention of the Editor that Dr. Paterson submitted this paper and used unpublished data from the

10.1021/es992018j Published on Web 07/13/1999




Environ. Sci. Technol. 1999, 33, 3284

1999, Volume 33, Pages 2040-2045 Sanjay Vancheeswaran, Michael R. Hyman, and Lewis Semprini* Anaerobic Biotransformation of Trichlorofluoroethene in Groundwater Microcosms. Page 2042. Figure 1 had the 1Cl,1F ethene and the 1Cl,2F ethene (E) isomers in the wrong position. The corrected figure is shown below. The isomers 1Cl,2F ethene (Z) and 1Cl,2F ethene (E) are referred to as 2-chlorofluoroethene in the text. The caption is the same as in the original paper.

ES992022V 10.1021/es992022v Published on Web 08/07/1999