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Analytical Chemistry 1970 Review of Fundamentals


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from the past have been effected for this issue of Fundamental Reviews, with the idea of eliminating overlap, decreasing size, and increasing usefulness for analytical scientists. The new review on Flame Spectrometry reflects increasing interest and research in this area ; the reviews on Analytical Distillation and Statistical Methods in Chemistry have been dropped for the foreseeable future. The review of Extraction is not included this year, but will reappear in 1972 and cover the period 1968-1972. The old reviews on Organic Microchemistry and Volumetric and Gravimetric Analytical Methods for Organic Compounds have been reformed into reviews of Functional Group Analysis and Organic Elemental Analysis to give better coverage of organic analysis in general ; for inorganic analysis the old reviews Inorganic Microchemical and Trace Analysis have been combined into a modernized review Inorganic Analysis. Expanded coverage of ion selective electrodes appears in the Potentiometric Titrations review. The former Ion Exchange Chromatography review has been merged into the new comprehensive review on Ion Exchange The former reviews on enzymes and kinetics have been merged into a single review covering the same topics. The Biochemical Analysis review formerly carried in this issue, will appear in the Applied Reviews beginning in 1971. The Editors hope these changes will enhance the usefulness of the Fundamental Reviews and, of course, wc will be happy to have comments that might lead to further improvements in the future. As always, we are indebted to the authors for their careful studies of the literature and for their evaluations of the progress in their respective fields.



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