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At Chevron, teamwork makes the difference What's made Chevron the alpha olefins leader? The real difference is our people. It takes teamwork to serve customers from around the world. So all the alpha olefins groups at Chevrontechnical, manufacturing, shipping, customer service, sales and marketing—work together to ensure that your needs are met in a prompt, professional manner.

Chevron products arrive on time. Chevron technical assistance is on target. And Chevron customer service people are on call, twenty-four hours a day. Our game plan is to be the most consistent and dependable supplier of normal alpha olefins. With so many alpha olefins experts working so closely together, we're bound to succeed. Call us at (713) 754-2451 to find out more. t..\ju.\.\

Chevron Olefins and Derivatives OIW4 Chevmn Chemical Company CIRCLE 5 ON READER SERVICE CARD

Tim Kclley, shipping (left); Shcrron /hay sen, international customer service; Duncan Welder, manufacturing; Lydia ^ Wei se, customer service; ^. 4 r^ John Kill, sales. Just a ^0^^'^ jew of our alpha *&ν ^^\Γ" (defins all-stars. •-*> *