Basic biochemistry, 4th edition

version. Chapter seventeen which dealt with the second law of thermodynamics was moved to chapter eleven. The chapter on the representative elements w...
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ROOH REVIEWf Fundamentals of Chemistry, 4th Edition F Brescia. J Arent, H Meislich. A. Turk. Academic Press. New York, 1980. x i f 27 pp., Figs. and tables. 22.5 X 27 cm. $19.95.

T h e authors of the fourth edition of this wellLknown freshman chemistry text state in t,he Preface that it isanewtent. A amparison of the table of contents with the third edition revealed several changes in organization. The chapter i,n gases was moved from chapter two in the older edition to chapter five in the new version. Chapter seventeen which dealt with the second law of thermodynamics was moved to chapter eleven. The chapter on the representative elements was eliminated in favor of' a more inteerated oattern of descriptive chemistry. Nuclear chemistry was moved from chapter twenty five to chapter nineteen. In addition, a new chapter on e m vimnmental chemistry was introduced at the end or the hook. However, the new edition is more than just a reshuffling of chapters. The size of the text has been increased by approximately one hundred pages, The selection of problems a t the end of each ehapter has been noticeably expanded with the answers to all problems provided in the back of the text. As in the previous edition, problems are labeled ds to t y p r for easy reference to explanatory material within the chapter. An increased number of sample pmhlems with well worked-out solutions is a noticeable revision.

Other features include a summary paragraph presenting the contents at the heginning of each chapter. A list of key terms and objectives is provided at the end of each chapter along with a self-test containing questions with assigned points. The text is attractively designed with numerous diagrams, tables, and two-color illustrations to assist the reader. T h e writing style is personal and pleasing. Users of the previous edition will find enough that is new to continue their interest in this text. Although the text provides little in the way of innovation or novelty, it, nevertheless, will serve as a n excellent option to those instructors who are looking for a text with a thorm ~ g hgrounding in general chemistry for science majors. Paul L. Cook Albion College Albion. MI 49224 The Dictionary of Chemical Terminology D. KrVt Elsevier Scientific Pub, . IEditorl , lishing Co.. Amsterdam and New Yark, 1980.600 pp. 17 X 25 cm. $95.00.

T h e Dictionary presents in alphabetical order 5,805 English terms, along with definitions in English and the equivalents in German, French, Polish, and Russian. A name index and four indices of equivalents (in German, French, Polish, and Russian) are provided for convenience. T h e Dictionary

comprises mutually correlated terminology from general, organic, and analytical chemistry taking due account of the most recent areas of development, as well as terminology from related disciolines which are entering modern chemistry in ever increasing numhers. I t does not, however, include the nomenclature of chemical compounds and terms from chemical engineering and technology. JJL Basic Biochemistry, 4th Edition M. E. Rafelson, Jr., J. A. Hayashi, and A. Bezkorovainy. Macmiilan Pub. Co., New York. 1980. vii 418 pp., Figs. and tables. 18X 25.5 cm.$14.95.


in a career in general mediem than any basic biochemistry text of which I am familiar. The fundamentals of biochemistry are presented in a rather straightforward manner. The extensive inclusion of the biochemical basis for many diseases should interest the pre-med student. As a basic biochemistry text in its own right, this book appears ahout average for a one-semester survey of biochemistry. But there are many other texts competing for this same audience, and I am not convinced that this text is the best one available for the one-semester survey course for all students. Without doubt, the text is too elementary to ( C o n t m u ~ on d page A2741

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J. C. Van Loon. Analytical Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy New Journal Announcement

Volume 58

Number 9

September 1981

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