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Blue vitriol used for burns. J. Chem. Educ. , 1926, 3 (3), p 359. DOI: 10.1021/ed003p359.2. Publication Date: March 1926. Note: In lieu of an abstract...
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VOL.3. No. 3



new laboratory building and the endowment of instruction and research in chemistry. The committee is made up of twenty-six of Chicago's prominent business men. G. H. W. The Relative Efticiency of Pyrex Glass and Metal Condenser Tubes. J. T. LITTLETON. JR., ANDH. C. BATES. Am. Inst. Chem.Eng..preprint, Dec., 1925.-Theresistance of the surface film on bright copper, oxidized copper, Shelby steel, and Pyrex glass conu denser tubes determines their e5iciency. The volume conductivity of the different for c o o ~ e with r materials has little effect on the condensinn 6 times the conduc- oower. . tivity of steel condensrs only lULAmore steam. .hoiilired copper tube, however. will condense le%sstram than a steel tuhe. Copper mith a conductwlty coefficient :100 times that of Pyrex glass wndenm only 2.5 times a- much stcnm. G.B. HEIsro

UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION FOR JUNIOR CHEMICAL ENGINEER Receipt of applications far junior chemical engineerwill close April 17th. The date for assembling of competitors will he stated on the admission cards sent applicants after the dose of receipt of applications. T h e examination is to fill vacancies in various branches of the Giwrnment service throughout the United States. The entrance salary in the District of Columbia is $1860 a year. After the probationary perid required by the civil service act and rules, advancement in pay may he without change in assignment up to $24W a year. For appointment outside of Washington, D. C., the rates wili he approximately the same. Promotion to higher grades may be made in accordance with the civil sewice rules as vacancies occur. T h e duties of this position are to perform such work as routine testing, making com~utations,assisting in conduct of experimental research tests, compiling reports, and handlhg technical correspondence. Comoetitors will be rated on general physics; pure mathematics; and practical questions on chemical engineering, including applied mechanics. blanks may he ohmined from the United States I U information and application - Civil Service Commission, Washington, D. C., or the secretary of the board of U. S. civil-service examiners a t the past officeor customhouse in any city.

Blue Vitriol Used for Burns. Blue vitriol, whose most common use is to supply the poisonous element in many spray mixtures for fruit t-, is now employed medicinally to treat phosphorous burns. Bums caused by phosphorous are very painful and slaw to heal because the cellular elements of the tissues with which the phosphorous comes in contact are destroyed, followed by the formation of ulcers and sores. Experiments conducted a t the Medical Re-ch Laboratory a t Edgewood Arsenal show that 1to 3 per cent of copper sulfate, otherwise known as blue vitriol, applied to a burn of this character will form a coating o w the phosphorous ingrained in the tissues and render its removal easy. When the copper sulfate-coated phosphorous has been removed the wound is washed out and treated as any other burn.-Science Service British and American Health Men Exchange. An international exchange of views and methods in public health work has been arranged for the benefit of British and American students, in an exchange of professorships between the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the School of Hygiene and Public Health of the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. R. W. Hegner, professor of pratozodlogy in the latter institution, expects t o sail for England on March 31st, and Dr. J. G. Thomsanwillrepresent the London school at Baltimore. -Science Service