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May 25, 2012 - COMBUSTION ENGINEERING, INC. Ind. Eng. Chem. , 1957, 49 (8), pp 3A–3A. DOI: 10.1021/i650572a701. Publication Date: August 1957...
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Many producers are simplifying their methods of processing powdered materials by the use of this "multi-purpose" Imp Mill . . . a compact pulverizing system which combines drying, grinding and classifying the product in one machine. Here are a few typical operations that are showing exceptional economies:— Pulverizing and Blending . . . In making homogeneous powders, the various ingredients are first roughly mixed, then fed into the Imp Mill. The resultant product is a finely ground, intimate mixture of consistent smoothness and uniformity. Grinding and Classifying . . . For processing phosphate materials into specified grades, the product is reduced in the Imp Mill to different finenesses, ranging from 9 5 % minus 100 mesh to 9 9 % minus 32 5 mesh, to provide the desired grades of finished material.

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Drying and Pulverizing . . . In the production of certain synthetic resins, the Imp Mill with Flash Drying Accessories is used for simultaneously drying and grinding the materials into a fine-dry, uniform product. Calcining Operations . . . The Imp Mill is sometimes used for drying and grinding raw gypsum for making wallboard. It is also useful for removing water of crystallization from copper sulphate in producing a mono-hydrated copper sulphate. Tell us your p r o b l e m .

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R a y m o n d I m p Mill w i t h p a c k a g e type furnace and Flash D r y i n g Accessories for r e m o v i n g moisture from materials w h i l e pulverizing.

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