Correction: Determination of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide without

intermediate groundand not to the capacitance manometer. One must, however, recognize that when glass wool is placed in the gas line leadingto the pre...
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where PLsand TISare the ion source pressure and temperature and PT and 'TT are the Dressure and temuerature a t the Baratron head.' At UCSB this sample introduction system is used for all easeous and volatile liauid m ~ l e in s both E1 and CI modes. The only disadvantage with the sample introduction system involves the removal of very polar samples from the g h wool. However, overnight pumping has removed a l l samples we have used to date.



ATMOSPHERE Flgun, 1. Schematic 01

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sample intmduction system.

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(3) &%ier.

We use the same method to measure the ion murce pressure with a MKS-Baratron capacitance manometer. At UCSB an additional glass ring is included in the line leading to the capacitance manometer. This results in an intermediate ground. Thus, if discharging should occur it would be to the intermediate ground and not to the capacitance manometer. One must, however, recognize that when glass wool is placed in the gas line leading to the pressure transducer thermal transpiration will occur (8). The ion source pressure is then given by



RECWW, for review Febmuy 17,1981. Accepted May 7,1981. The work done a t UCSB was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant CHE77-15449 and a t the Univerisity of Nebraska by the Department of Energy under Contract DEAS02-76-ERO-2567. We gratefully acknowledge this support.

CORRECTIONS Smoothing of Digital X-ray Photoelectron Spectra by an Extended Sliding Least-Squares Approach Andrew Proctor and Peter M. A. Sherwood ( A d . Chem. 1980,52, 2315-2321).

There is an unfortunate typographical error in eq 8. The correct form is shown below: _ n= _2 (fitto a parabola, y = QU' + bu + e). Y(u).-z Y(U),-i + QzPz(u,Zm)= m

E , ({5[3t2- m(m + l)]u2 + (2m - 1)(2m + 3)tu + t=-m m(m + 1)[3m(m + 1)- 1- 5t2])/NORMl)f(t) (8)

Determination of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide without Tetrachloromercurate(I1) and the Mechanism of t h e Schiff Reaction Purnendu K. Dasgupta, Kymron DeCesare, and James C. Ullrey (Anol. Chem. 1980,52, 1912-1922). On page 1912, under Experimental Section, the preparation of the pararosaniline working reagent should read 133.3 mL of the 0.2% commerciallv ~urifiedstock reazent (Harlem) and 113.9 mL of concentrated HCl were diluted 1L, rather'than 113.9 mL of 0.3% dye and 133.3 mL of HC1 being diluted to 1L.