Correction-Representation of NH3-H2S-H2O, NH3-CO2-H2O and

actions. Literature Cited. Elite, R. C., "Coal Desulfurization Prior to Combustion”, pp 33-51, 127-208,. 246-259, Noyes Data Corporation, Park Ridge...
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Ind. Eng. Chem. Process Des. Dev., Vol. 19, No. 4, 1980

step. However, it is desirable to avoid temperatures above 100 "C since significant iron precipitation may result. Finally, the effective stoichiometry of the ferric sulfate-pyrite reaction in the absence of sparged oxygen was found to be significantly different from that reported in the literature. This difference can be attributed to the different initial ferric iron concentrations, to possible structural differences in the pyrite forms used, and in the case of coal particle systems to extraneous ferric-coal reactions.

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Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering University of Maryland College Park, Maryland 20742

William E. King, Jr.* James A. Lewis

Received for reuiew November 7 , 1979 Accepted June 5, 1980 This research project was supported in part by the Minta Martin Fund of the University of Maryland.

CORRECTIONS Representation of NH3-H2S-H20, NH3-C02-H20, and NH3-S02-H20 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria, D. Beutier and H. Renon, Ind. Eng. Chem. Process Des. Deu. 1978,17,220. Page 222. In eq 7, the first term on the left side should be nw(kwo- 0.018RTCmJ i

Equation 10 should read

0.018(@- l ) ( x m i )= -Page 224. In Table I, the letters in the second column should be Q instead of R. Page 229. In eq E.3, the first term inside the bracket should be D, instead of D, in the denominator. In eq E.4, the first term on the right side of the equation is

( 2 2)


Page 230. Equation E.5 should contain ziinstead of 2,.