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The first is a prefilter, fol- lowed by a spiral-wound reverse osmo- sis membrane. Water then flows through a three-stage polishing car- tridge in whi...
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New Disposable Gas Purifier The economical method of producing high purity, oxygen free gas for lab­ oratory, analytical instruments and pro­ duction applications. The Diamond disposable gas purifier, a polished aluminum canister con­ taining an oxygen "getter"... removes oxygen, trace amounts of organics and water from standard bottled gas, including Nitrogen, Helium, Argon or Hydrogen, to less than 1 ppm. A single canister treats 3 standard 300 cu ft cylinders and is available with %" or %" Swagelok type fittings for ease of inline hook-up. $84.00—quantity discounts available ... truly an economical addition to your lab. Write for complete information and quantity p r i c e s Dealer inquiries invited. vct\fV^ ° ^ ^

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