Division of Chemical Education: Statement from the Treasurer

Division of Chemical Education: Statement from the Treasurer. Wilmer J. Stratton. J. Chem. Educ. , 1977, 54 (12), p 738. DOI: 10.1021/ed054p738. Publi...
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Statement from the Treasurer

Income Dues Interest (savings and CD's) ACS Investment Pool C3S Management Allowance ACS Program Development Fund

Officers Chairman (Haight) Secretarv (Youne) ~ r e a s u r i (r ~ t r a c o n ) Committees Executive (Haight) Program (Ackerman) Curriculum (Hutton) Teaching of Chemistry (Larsen) Board of Publications (Parry) Computers in Chem. Ed. (Moore) Underprepared Student (Kotnik) High School Liaison (Sehubert) Two-Year Colleges (Bauer) Directory Chem. Ed. 77 Conference (Canada)

738 1 Journal of Chemical Education



$8,500.00 5,800.00 2,000.00

$8,527.00 6,090.03 2,669.82

.. .


1,000.00 $17,300.00

2,185.97 $19,586.21

Other Income and Expense not included in the operating budget: Biennial Summer Conference, Madison Contributions received Disbursed in 1976 College Chemistry Consultants Service Received from ACS in 1976 Disbursed in 1976

$9,210.00 8,422.53

$8,939.60 8,332.43

Assets of the Division of Chemical Education, 12/31/1976 Journal General Reserve Fund ~ ~ -Fund ~ . ~ Cash in hank $15,508.41 ... Certificates of Deposit 52,340.80 45,000.00 ... 87,504.00 ACS Investment Pool (market value) $67,848.21 $132,504.00 $200,03521 Total Assets ~


T h e ahove ststement of income, expenses, nnd iaeets of t he Dkision of Chemical Educatiun, sumnlariziny the finmcial .onerations of the Division in 1976, is taken trom the more complete report presented t o the Executive Committee a t the Spring ACS Meeting in New Orleans, March 1976.


Wilmer J. Stratto" E a r h a m College Richmond, Indiana