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Mar 7, 2016 - The fragment molecular orbital (FMO) quantum-mechanical (QM) method provides a complete list of the interactions formed between the liga...
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Mar 7, 2016 - According to the FMO calculations, 3i (Figure 7B) and 3k (Figure 7C) display the same interactions as the parent 3g, but additional contacts are also evident. .... In case of 2c–q (Table S2), the in-house kinase structure was replaced

Mar 7, 2016 - Inhibition of inducible T-cell kinase (ITK), a nonreceptor tyrosine kinase, may represent a novel treatment for allergic asthma. In our previous ...

Oct 11, 2012 - Performance analysis of open-source distributed file systems for practical large-scale molecular ab initio, density functional theory, and GW + BSE calculations. Loïc M. Roch , Tyanko Aleksiev , Riccardo Murri , Kim K. Baldridge. Inte

Coupled fragment molecular orbital method for interacting systems ... for Nondisjoint Monomers in Molecular Fragmentation Calculations of Covalent Molecules.

The fragment molecular orbital method (FMO) has been used with a large number of wave functions for single-point calculations, and its high accuracy in ...

Lubbock, Texas 79409. Received May 26, 1967. Three papers have recently appeared which describe. Diels-Alder reactions under mild conditions that yield.

Mar 16, 2007 - In particular, the α-helix, β-turn, and extended conformers of a ... with the rms deviation from ab initio of about 0.2 Å, or 0.5° in terms of bond angles. ... The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2016 120 (49), 9794-9804 .... Dimer

Mar 1, 2010 - method, for calculating nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) chemical shifts ... density based on electrostatic potential obtained from FMO calculations, the NMR calculations ... The first are ab initio methods dealing with gauge-.

Theoretical Study of Activation of Oxirane by Bidentate Acids. Kiyoyuki Omoto and Hiroshi Fujimoto. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2000 65 (8), 2464-2471.

Mar 7, 2016 - Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University, 1-1 Rokkodai-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501, Japan. ABSTRACT: A subsystem ...