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Future Articles Listed below are papers to appear in forthcoming Chemistry

issues of Analytical

Estimation of a Few Nanograms of Fluoride in t h e Presence of Phosphate b y t h e Use of Liver Esterase Charles McGaughey and E. C. Stowell Q u a l i t a t i v e a n d Q u a n t i t a t i v e Analysis of Pentae r y t h r i t o l Tetranitrate a n d Its Hydrolysis Products F. J. DiCarlo, J. M. Hartigan, Jr., and G. E. Phillips

O p t i m u m Conditions f o r Chemical Analysis b y X-Ray Absorption-Edge Spectrometry C. G. Dodd and D. J. Kaup

Separation of Americium f r o m Curium w i t h Fluoride


H. P. Holcomb Separation a n d Determination of H y d r o x y l Compounds Using Differential Reaction Rates Friso Willeboordse and F. E. Critchfield

I n f r a r e d Analysis of Suspended Particulates w i t h M i l l i pore Filters a n d A t t e n u a t e d Total Reflection Robert W . Hannah and James L. Dwyer

Q u a n t i t a t i v e Determination of Parts-Per-Million Q u a n tities of Nitrogen Dioxide in Nitrogen a n d O x y g e n b y Electron-Capture Detection in Gas Chromatography

Thermal Expansion Apparatus f o r Use W i t h Differential Thermal Analysis Equipment

M. E. Morrison, R. G. Rinlier, and W. H. Corcoran

E. M. Barrall ! l , Roger S. Porter, and Julian F. Johnson

Diffusion Method f o r t h e Determination of Silicon in Inorganic Materials R. Householder and R. G. Russell Gas Chromatographic Separation of t h e 2,4-Dinitrop h e n y l h y d r a z o n e Derivatives of Carbonyl Compounds R. J. Soulcup, R. Scarpellino, and E. Danielczik

Spectrophotometric Determination of Sn(IV) b y Extract i o n o f Stannic Iodide into Ethyl Iodide Armine D. Paul and John A. Gibson, Jr. Automatic Data Processing, I n t e r p r e t i n g , a n d Reporting of the Results of Emission Spectrographic Analyses D. D. Tunnicliff and J . R. Weaver

Measurement of Thickness o f Polymer Films f o r I n f r a r e d Spectroscopic Examination w i t h Reference t o t h e Analysis of Ethene—Propene Copolymers

Study of the Kinetics of the Iridium(lll)—Chlorate Reaction b y Steady-State Controlled-Potential Coulomat. y

T. A. Veerkamp, R. J. de Koclt, A. Yeermans, and M. H. Lardinoye

G. A. Rechniti and J. E. McClure ' f^ttAn' *


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