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Reliability and. Control. Statler Hilton Hotel, Washington, D. C. Contact: L. S. Gephart, Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., Dept. 64-01,. Bldg. 104, Su...
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19th Southwest Regional Meeting. Shamrock Hilton Hotel, Houston, Texas. Contact: M . A. Mosesman, Research and Development, Humble Oil and Refining Co., P. O. Box 4255, Baytown, Texas.

Dec. 12

American Microchemical Society. Chemists Club, New York City. Subject: F . D. A. Concepts of Acceptable Analytical Procedures for Standards, Frank H. Wiley. Contact: R. A. Hofstader, Ksso Research and Engineering Co., Linden, N . J .

Dec. 26 to 30

American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting. Cleveland, Ohio. Contact: Dr. S. L. Meisel, Socony Mobil Oil Co., Paulsboro, N. J. Page 43 A, Dec.

Jan. 7 to 9—Tenth National Symposium on Reliability and Control. Statler Hilton Hotel, Washington, D . C. Contact: Coming Events L. S. Gephart, Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., Dept. 64-01, Bldg. 104, Sunnyvale, Calif. Jan. 24 to 25—First Annual Microscopy Symposium. Fontainebleau Motor Hotel, New Orleans, La., Sponsor: Louisiana Society for Electron Microscopy. Contact: C. J. Arceneaux, Ethyl Corp., P. O. Box 341, Baton Rouge, La. 70821. Jan. 27 to Feb. 7—Winter Gordon Research Conferences. T h e Miramar Hotel, Santa Barbara, Calif. Contact: Dr. W. George Parks, Director, Gordon Research Conferences. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R. I. Page 43 A, Dec. Feb. 3 to 4—Research Conference on Gas Chromatography. University of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Contact: H . L. Tallman, Physical Sciences Extension, Room 6532, Engineering Bldg., University of California, Los Angeles 24, Calif. Page 68 A, Oct. Feb. 3 to 7—ASTM International Conference on Materials and ASTM Committee Week. Sheraton Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa., Contact: American Society for Testing and Materials, 1916 Race St., Philadelphia 3, Pa. Feb. 27 to 29—Fifth Omnibus Conference on Experimental Aspects of NMR Spectroscopy. Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa. Contact: Mellon Institute, 4400 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Mar. 2 to 6—Fifteenth Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy. Penn-Sheraton Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa. Contact: Rudolph B. Fricioni, Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Corporate Quality Control Laboratory, Research Center, Brackenridge, Pa. Page 81 A, Sept. Mar. 23 to 26—Second International Symposium on Advances in Gas Chromatography. Sheraton Lincoln Hotel, Houston, Texas. Contact: Prof. A. Zlatkis, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Houston, Texas. Page 81 A, Sept. Apr. 19 to 21—Second Annual Oak Ridge Radioisotope Conference. Gatlinburg Civic Auditorium and Riverside Motor Lodge, Gatlinburg, Tenn. Contact: Overman, Special Training Division, Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, P. O. Box 117, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Page 49 A, Nov. Apr. 22 to 25—Fourth Rare Earth Research Conference. Camelback Inn, Phoenix, Ariz. Contact: Dr. LeRoy Eyring, Dept. of Chemistry, Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. Page 67 A, Oct. May 7 to 8—Fourth Conference on Vacuum Microbalance Techniques. Mellon Institute, 4400 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Contact: Mr. F . A. Brassart, Westinghouse Research and Development Center, Beulah Rd., Pittsburgh 35, Pa. Page 67 A, Oct. May 20 to 23—Symposium on Modern Methods for the Analysis of Organic Compounds. Eindhoven, Holland. Sponsors: German Chemical Society and Royal Dutch Chemical Society. Contact: Gessellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Geschaftsstelle, 6000 Frankfurt (Main), Postfach 9075, Germany. Page 47 A, Nov. May 25 to 29—Society of Physical Chemists of France, 40th annual meeting. Bordeaux, Fiance. Subject: Structure of Polyatomic Radicals. Contact: Prof. Guy Fmschwiller. Société de Chemie Phvsique, 10 rue Vauquelin, Paris 5 ° , France, Page 75 A, Sept. June 2 to 5—15th Annual Mid-America Symposium on Spectroscopy. Sheraton-Chicago Hotel, Chicago, 111. Contact: Elwin N. Davis, Sinclair Research, Inc., 400 E. Sibley Blvd., Harvey, 111. June 22 to 26—Third International Congress of the International Federation of S o cieties of Cosmetic Chemists. New York Citv. Contact : Walter Wynne, 321 West 44th S t , Room 700, New York 36, Ν . Υ. Page 62 A, August. July 19 to 25—Third International Congress of Polarography. Southampton Uni­ versity, England. Contact: Dr. D. A. Pantony, Dept. of Metallurgy, Royal School of Mines. Prince Consort R d , London S. W. 7, England. Page 74 A, Sept. Aug. 26 to Sept. 3—Third European Regional Conference on Electron Microscopy. Prague, Czechoslovakia. Contact: 3rd European Regional Conference on Electron Microscopy, Prague 1964, Organizing Committee, Albertov 4, Prague 2, Czechoslova­ kia. Page 75 A, Sept. Sept. 14 to 18—International Conference on Mass Spectrometry. Paris, France. Sponsors: A S T M Committee E-14, G. A. M . S. and the Hydrocarbon Research Group. Contact: Secretariat du G. A. M. S , 1, rue Gaston Boissier, Paris XV, France. Page 67 A, Oct.


. • Precision laboratory b a l a n c e Model 410—Sensitivity 2 mg. Capacity 120 g. No bands or wires to bend or lose " l i f e . " Handsome blue-gray heavy metal case. Weighs to full capacity with lid closed. $165.

• • Heavy-duty precision balancesModels 195-B and 2-89B—Capacities 3 or 6 kg. Sensitivity as fine as 100 mg. Locking tare weight. Beams graduated in mg., g., or oz. From $95.

O a Specific-gravity chain b a l a n c e Model S100—Ideally suited for S.G. determinations of liquids and solids to within 0.0001. Also operates as a sensi­ tive chain analytical balance. From $168. Write for complete information on these and the complete line of quality Troemner bal­ ances and weights.

Henry Troemner, Inc. 22nd & Master Sts., Philadelphia 2 1 , Pa. Phone 215/POplar 9-6386 Circle No. 105 on Readers' Service Card VOL. 35, NO. 13, DECEMBER 1 963