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DIVISION OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY ... College Park, Md. ... D. R. Olander (Univ. of California), “Surface Chemical Kinetics and Gas ...
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APPLIED KINETICS AND REACTION ENGINEERINGSUMMER SYMPOSIUM, June 13-15 Nineteen papers have been committed for the Third State-of-the-Art Summer Symposium sponsored by the I&EC Division. Titles and authors for the committed papers are listed below. Abstracts, attendance fees, and preregistration forms will be published next month. The symposium, as in past years, will be held at ACS Headquarters in Washington, D. C. Plan now to attend-and visit the Nation’s Capitol before the summer heat sets in. CHAIRMAN R. B. BECKMANN Dept. of Chemical Eng. University of Maryland College Park, Md.

R. Aris (Univ. of Minnesota), “Is Sophistication Really Necessary?” T. A. Bak a n d E. R. Fisher (Univ. of Copenhagen), “The Concept of Diffusion in Chemical Kinetics” K. B. Bischoff (Univ. of Texas), “Mixing and Contacting in Chemical Reactors” P. T. L. Brian a n d S. W. Bodman (MIT), “Turbulent Heat Transfer to a Non-Equilibrium Chemically Reacting Gas” M. Boudart (Stanford Univ.), “The Kinetic Effects of Surface Diffusion” J. J. Carberry (Univ. of Notre Dame), “Yield in Chemical Reactor Engineering” J. Happel a n d L. Kramer (New York Univ.), “Pyrolysis of Methane to Produce Acetylene and Hydrogen”

J. Higgins (Univ. of Pennsylvania), “Theoretical and Experimental Study of Oscillating Reactions” J. 0. Hougen a n d G . H. Quenton (The Monsanto Co.), “Experimental Studies of an Industrial Reactor” H. M. Hulburt a n d Y . G. Kim (Northwestern Univ.), “Determination of Reactor Mechanisms for Reactor Design” J. R. Ifittrell, R. Mezaki, a n d C. C. Watson (Univ. of Wisconsin), “Reaction Rate Modeling in Heterogeneous Ca-

CHAIRMAN-ELECT R. L. HERSHEY Du Pont Co. Du Pont Bldg. Wilmington 98, Del. SECRETARY FRANCESCO D E MARIA Amer. Machine & Foundry 689 Hope St. Stamford, Conn. TREASURER R . N. MADDOX Dept. Chemical Eng. Oklahoma State Univ. Stillwater, Okla.

PROGRAM SECRETARY P. T . SHANNON Thayer School of Eng. Dartmouth College Hanover, N . H . COUNCILORS JOSEPH STEWART Esso Research & Eng. P. 0. Box 51 Linden, N. J. NORBERT PLATZER Plastics Div. The Monsanto Co. Springfield, Mass.

talysis” F. Krambeck, R. Shinnar, a n d S. K a t s (City Univ. of New York), “Stochastic Mixing Models for Chemical Reactors” D. R. Olander (Univ. of California), “Surface Chemical Kinetics and Gas Phase Diffusion in the GermaniumIodine Reaction C. D. Prater (Socony Mobil Oil Co.), “Kinetics Studies of Complex Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions” J. R. Ross, G. J. O’Brien, D. E. Jost, a n d L. C. Eagleton (Univ. of Pennsylvania), “Study of Molecular Mixing in a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor by Means of the Kinetics of the Ethylene Oxide-Phenoxyethanol Polymerization” J. H. Sinfelt (Esso Research and Engineering Co.), “Kinetic Considerations in Surface Catalysis. Some Applications to Typical Catalyst Systems” J. M. Smith (Univ. of California a t Davis), “Photochemical Reaction Engineering” H. L. Toor (Carnegie Institute), “The Behavior of Isothermal Multicomponent Systems with Simultaneous Diffusion and First Order Chemical Kinetics” J. Wei (Socony Mobil Oil Co.), “On the Maximum Temperature Inside a Porous Catalyst”


The Division has begun a program aimed at assisting students of chemistry and chemical engineering to familiarize themselves with the industrial environment, the nature of industrial problems, and the scope of industrial operations. The Connecticut Valley Section, chosen for the project because of its large number of students and industrial sites, has run three field trips-to Monsanto’s Springfield plant, Pfizer’s Groton plant, and Combustion Engineering’s Windsor plant. One hundred forty-five senior and graduate students participated under the guidance of professional chemists and engineers. The transportation costs for these trips were underwritten by the Division, which considers them to be significant factors in fostering relations among students, the Society, and the chemical industry. CH EM I CAL ENG I N EE R I NG SYMPOSIA CO M M ITTEE DAVIDP. KESSLER (Chairman), Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University JOHN R. FERRON, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware JOSEPHM. MAROHELLO, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland EUGENE E. PETERSON, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of California a t Berkeley ROBERTSECOR,Engineering Dept., Du Pont, Wilmington, Del. DOUGLAS J. WILDE,Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University JOSEPH J. MARTIN,Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan


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