Industrial Notes - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (ACS Publications)

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Dr. T. Brailsford Robertson, professor of biochemistry and pharmacology in the University of California, has donated t o the Regents of the University of California his patents Cor the growth-controlling substance “Tethelin,” which he has succeeded in isolating from the anterior lobe of the pituitary body and which has been employed to accelerate repair in slowlyhealing wounds. The proceeds which may accrue from the sale or lease of these patents are to constitute a fund which will be entitled “The University of California Foundation for I n ternational Medical Research” and which will be expended in the furtherance of medical research, preferably research in the physiology, chemistry, and pathology of growth. Dr. Wm. C. Carnell has resigned the position of Chemical Director of Harrison Brothers & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, to accept a similar position with the firm of Charles Lennig, Inc., Philadelphia, manufacturers of heavy chemicals. Dr. E. P. Wightman, who has been acting professor of chemistry a t Richmond College, session 1916-17, has accepted a position with the research department of Parke, Davis & Co., and will assume the duties of his new position June 1st.

Vol. 9 , No. 6

At the request of the National Research Council, the faculty of Wesleyan University have appointed the following local committee, consisting of one representative of each of the scientific departments of the institution with the president, William Arnold Shanklin, ex-oficio: Professors Walter G. Cady, physics, Chairman: William North Rice, geology; Raymond Dodge, psychology; Frederick Slocum, astronomy; Leroy A. Howland, mathematics; hloses L. Crossley, chemistry. John Faxan Passamore died on March 9th a t Wilmington, Delaware, after an illness of six weeks. He obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering a t Cornel1 University in June 1914. He was ilssistant General Superintendent of Joseph Bancroft and Sons Co., Wilmington, Delaware, a t the time of his death. Although only z j years old, he was honored with the Presidency of the Departmental Association of the company, filling the position with marked ability for one of hi3 years. The New York University is planning the erection of a new chemistry building. hlr. George D. Rosengarten has returned to Philadelphia very much improved in health.

INDUSTRIAL NOTES Work has been begun on the erection of a large still-house on the property of the Benzol Products Company a t Marcus Hook. It is expected that the building will be completed within six months. The Benzol Products Company, which manufactures coal-tar intermediates, is owned jointly by SemetSolvay, Barrett and General Chemical interests, and is a constituent in the new National Aniline and Chemical Company, Inc. The National Aniline and Chemical Company will remove its offices some time in June from IOO William Street, to a new building now being completed a t 244 Madison Avenue. In the West, the waters of various lakes besides Searles Lake are receiving considerable attention, and special mention should be made of Owens Lake, where three companies are now in the field. The last one entering is the California Alkali Company, now building its plant. The lake waters contain soda ash, sodium chloride, some borax, and some potash. The California Alkali Company is closely associated with the Great Western Electrochemical Company, and the salt obtained in the production of the various products will be shipped direct to the Pittsburg, Cal., plant of the Great Western Electrochemical Company and used there for the manufacture of caustic soda and chlorine products.


A fire which caused $zo,ooo damage is reported to have occurred recently a t the plant of the Albany Chemical Company, on Van Rensselaer Island. The United Chemical and Organic Products Company has been chartered to manufacture glues, gelatine, etc., under the laws of Delaware, with capital of $z,o02,700. The Manufacturers’ Association of St. Louis has voted to protest against the proposed tax of z j cents a gallon on denatured alcohol. According to a report from Syracuse the Solvay Process Company is about ready to begin the production of potash a t its new plant in Solduro, Utah, which is practically ready for operation. Eimer & Amend are planning alterations and additions, costing $IOO,OOO, to their buildings a t Third Avenue and East 18th Street, New York City. The Kalbfleisch Corporation, recently organized, has taken over all the interests of the Franklin H. Kalbfleisch Company,

Erie Chemical Il‘orks, the Kalbfleisch Corporation, and the Kaloid Company. The new corporation will thus own five plants, one each a t Brooklyn, N. Y . ,Waterbury, Conn., Elizabethport, N. J., Erie, Pa., and Chattanooga, Tenn. The Brooklyn, Waterbury and Elizabethport plants turn out a line of acids and heavy chemicals. The Erie and Chattanooga works (the latter having been recently completed) manufacture the different grades of sulfate of alumina and alum. The officers of the corporation are: Franklin H. Kalbfleisch, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Robert S.Perry, President; Alfred B. Savage, Vice-President-Treasurer; Richard Sheldrick, Secretary. The directors are the same with the addition of Harry L. Derby. hlr. Perry was formerly president of Harrison Bros. 8: Co., Inc., Philadelphia. The Gold 1,eaf h’atural Dye Company, of Manhattan, dyes, chemicals, etc., has been incorporated under the laws of New York with a capital stock of $joo,ooo. Incorporators: G. H. Bruce, R. L. L. Warner, H. Campbell, No. 1jo Nassau Street. The Brunswick Xanufacturing Company, dyes and chemicals, has been incorporated under the laws of New Jersey with a capital stock of $30,000. Incorporators : George R. Morrison, J. H. Helm, Horace E. Barwis, Xew Brunswick. The Active Chemical Company, of Camden, has been incorporated under the laws of New Jersey, with a capital stock of $ I ~ O , O O O . Incorporators: E. C. L. Kressel, R. P. S. hliller, T. Harry Rowland, Camden. The Bristol-LIyers Company, of Brooklyn, has completed plans for additions to its chemical factory a t Hillside, N. J., costing fizs,ooo. The amount of capital stock in new dye companies, according to years during the war, including only companies of more than $jo,ooo capital stock, has been as follows: Year 1915. , . . . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . S 65,565,000 Year 1 9 1 6 . . . , . . . , . . , . . , . , , , , , . . . . 99,274,000 Four months 1917.. . , . . , , . . , , , , , . . . 24,395,000




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The Braemer Air Conditioning Corporation announce the opening of a branch office, with hIr. G. P. Upington in charge as District Manager, a t 90 West Street, New York City.