Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy (In Three Parts) Part B. (Practical

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ing of organic materials, environmental seiences, f w d industry, petroleum and textile applications of infrared and Raman spectroscopy, along with a chapter on general computer systems for these spectroscopic techniques. The chapter on computer systems discusses basic principals of data acquisition, data refinement, and spectrum storage and retrival systems. Various convolutionldeconvolution methods are discussed, as well as the trade-offs between SIN ratio enhancement and spectral resolution. Sections on auantitative analvsis and hand shape analyrb concentrate on the primary mnthematical technirlues employed f w peak height and area nmputations, difference and derivative spectra, multi-component analysis and GaussianICauchy bandshape models. The discussions predominately concern infrared techniques, including some information on attenuated total reflectance (ATR) and Fourier transform soectroscoov (FTS) . methrds. Unfortunately, virtually no material cm the corresponding Raman spectrumetry aspects is included. A balanced treatment of the infrared and Raman spectra of organic materials is presented with over 60 figures containing, in part, both tyw of specka for each compound considered. several Raman and infrared en~~,~~ ergylmwnsity correlation charm m d wveral summaries ,.f mrious functional crimp's enerryl~ntcnsityvalues. A basic b a c k ~ ~ ~ uinn d vibrational spectroscopy is assumed and there are hrief discussions of several of the recent developments in the areas, such as nanoliter sampling, infrared emission teehnioues and FTS. The maim thrust of this ch3pter is todemonstrate how thetwocechniques complt.ment each other in m d e c t h r structure determinatmns and it ir done effectively through numerous examples. I t also presents a compilation of the spectra and charts used, arranged both alphabetically and hy empirical formula. This chapter alone could serve as a handv, reference for the principal advantages and complemmrnry vnluc of the two techniques for qualitntive structure elucidatiun, in addition tu a listtng of the main spectroscopic moieties. These first two chapters are of the most general interest and, indeed, comprise over half of the bwk. The remaining four chapters concentrate on more soecific anolieations. The discuusim on environmental w i ~ n c e applications is limited to infrared ipertruscopy and concerns, primarily, gas analysis, with a hrief discussion on water analysis. Because of the unusual considerations needed for gas analysis, the hulk of the material is on mecia1 sanmle cells. calibration methods, and sample handling. he infrared spectn,smpie methods for identification and, in most cases, quontitation