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Instrumental Chemical Analysis. Anal. Chem. , 1953, 25 (6), pp 998–998. DOI: 10.1021/ac60078a634. Publication Date: June 1953. ACS Legacy Archive...
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998 as internal standards. These intensity ratios are then converted t o concentrations by the use of typical working curves. The lower concentration limit is 0.1% for niobium and 0.5% for tantalum, and the standard deviation is approximately, 5% at concentrations of 2%,of either element. Single determinations can be made in 5 to 10 mmutes. Determination of Major Metallic Constituents in Nonmetallic SHERMAN, PhilaSamples by X-Ray Fluorescent Methods. JACOB delphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pa. This paper considers the difficulties in the correlation of x-ray fluorescent intensities of major constituents and chemical composition due to the spectrum of the incident beam, the interaction of the matrix element, and particle size. A solution to those difficulties was presented. Spectrochemical Analysis of Leaf and Biological Material. J .T. Rozsa A N D J. D. GOLLAND, National Spectrographic Laboratories, Cleveland, Ohio. A combined fusion and concentration spectrochemical technique has been developed to afford complete analysis of plant leaf and fruit material, as well as some limited biological applications.

S - R a y Fluorescence Spectrograph. S o r t h .4merican Philips co. Kondispersion Infrared dnalyzers. Process Controls Division, Baird hssociates. Radiation Gaging. General Electric Co. Dispersion Infrared Analyzers for Laboratory and Plant. Perkin-Elmer Corp. Program and registration forms may be obtained from Axel H Peterson, Mellon Institute, 4400 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh 13. Pa.

Chemical Microscopy and Photomicrography The Pennsylvania State College will offer a courje in chemical microscopy June 29 to July 18 and a course in chemical photomicrography July 20 to -4ugust 8. The course in chemical microscopy includes evaluation of the optical characteristics of a good polarizing microscope, use of the polarizing microscopy in examining chemical compounds (optical crystallography), and use in applied fields. The course in photomicrography includes study of modern theories concerning the latent image and its development and sensitometry as related to photomicrography. Information is available from Mary L. \f-illard, 101 Pond Laboratory, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa.

Summer Courses in Organic Microchemistry ASTM Symposia The American Society for Testing Materials has planned eight technical symposia in connection with its 56th annual meeting to be held June 28 to July 3 a t Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, S.J. 3Zetallic Materials a t Low Temperatures Fluorescent X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis Radioactivity in ASTM Work Techniques for Electron Aletallography Significance of Tests of Concrete Lateral Pile Load Tests Porcelain Enamels and Ceramic Coatings as Engineering Rlaterials Dynamic Testing of Soils

Symposium on Analytical Chemistry The Midland Society for Analytical Chemistry is planning a Symposium on A4nalyticalChemistry to be held in Birmingham, England, from .4ugust 25 to September 1, 1954. An exhibition of new and special apparatus will be held and visits to local places of interest Fill be organized. -4 Ladies Committee has been formed t o arrange entertainment for nonscientific visitois. J. JV. Robinson, Post Office Engineering Department, Birmingham 9, England, is symposium secretary.

National Instrument Conference Plans for the Second Analytical Instrument Clinic, to be held a t the Eighth Sational Instrument Conference, Chicago, Ill., September 21 t o 25, have been completed. The clinic will consist of a lecture and demonstration course on complex analytical instruments, including electronic, optical, and mechanical design features as well as details of application. Participating companies and the instruments to be demonstrated are: hnalrtical Computers. Beckman Instruments, Inc. Dynamic Recording Systems. Amplifiers, Pickups, and Oscillographs. Consolidated Engineering Co. Thermal Conductivity Gas Analysis. Gow-Mac Instrument CO.

Analytical Application of Recorders. well Regulator Co.


Summer courses in microquantitative organic analysis and the microtechniques of organic chemistry are being offered by S e w York University for the benefit of microchemists and microanah-sts who wish to keep abreast of recent developments, instructors who wish to originate courses, graduate students who require a knowledge of microsynthesis or microanalysis in their research, and industries that plan to establish a micro laboratory. Courses will be given from August 3 to September 11. Information is available from John E. Vance, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of rlrts and Science, Sen- Tork University, Tt'ashington Square, K e n Yolk 3, N. Y.

Instrumental Chemical Analysis To enable chemists in industry and government laboratories to study the application of new instrumental techniques and methods in the field of applied analytical chemistry, the Alassachusetts Institute of Technology lvill offer two one-week special summer programs in instrumental chemical analysis. Electrical methods will be studied from August 17 to 21 and optical methods from August 24 to 28. David S.Hume and Lockhart B. Rogers will conduct the programs. Application should be made to the Office of the Summer Session, Room 3-107, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge 39, Mass.

Sixth Annual Summer Symposium. Analytical Chemistry of the Less Familiar Elements. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y., June 19 t o 20 11th Conference on Standardization of Methods for Sugar Analysis. Paris, France, June 22 to July 1 Organization for the Advancement of Spectrographic Methods. 16th Congress, Paris, France, June 24 to 26 American Society for Testing Materials. Annual Meeting, Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N. J., June 29 to July 3 American Chemical Society, 124th National Meeting, Chicago, Ill., September 6 to 11, 1953 Eighth National Instrument Conference. Chicago, Ill., September 21 to 25