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and field service, software, and tech- nical applications laboratories are unsurpassed. And if you're interested in Sequential ICP Elemental Analyzers...
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Program phy with Electrochemical Detec­ tion—A. M. Krstulovic, Manhattanville College, L. Bertani-Dziedzic, S. Dziedzic 2:00 HPLC Study of Various Nucleotide Extraction Proce­ dures—P. A. Perrone, M. Zakaria, P. R. Brown, U of Rhode Island 2:20 Derivatization of Amines and Amino Acids for Determination by LCEC—W. A. Jacobs, P. T. Kissin­ ger, Purdue U 2:40 Reversed Phase Ion-Pairing

HPLC Separation and Fluorimetric Detection of Polyamines—R. C. Simpson, H. Y. Mohammed, H. Veening, Bucknell U 3:00 Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Biogenic Amines as "Dansyl" Derivatives—R. A. Kagel, S. O. Farwell, J. D. Willett, U of Idaho 3:30 Protein/Peptide Separations by HPLC—F. M. Rabel, W. T. Arthur, A. E. Fuchs, J. R. Bickler, D. Martin, Whatman Inc. 3:50 Considerations in the Anal­


ysis of Proteins and Peptides by HPLC—W. L. Hollaway, J. C. Bennett, U of Alabama 4:10 High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Tetracyclic and Pentacyclic Triterpenoids—W. D. Ness, J. T. Lin, E. Heftmann, U. S. De­ partment of Agriculture 4:30 Spectroscopic Techniques Useful for Monitoring Proteins in Liquid Chromatographic Ef­ fluents—J. L. DiCesare, F. L. Vandemark, The Perkin-Elmer Corp. 4:50 A ChemiluminescenceBased Flow Cell Detection System: Application to the Determination of Catecholamines—R. J. Miller, J. D. Ingle, Jr., Oregon State U

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For fast reliable results there's no instrument in the world that c a n match our's.The JY-48 Plasma Simultaneous Elemental Analyzer c o m b i n e s the operating speed and simplicity of a computerized direct reading spec­ trometer with all the advantages of Inductively Coupled P l a s m a (ICP). Built and backed by one of the oldest n a m e s in spectroscopy, the JY-48 can analyze up to 48 elements at one time in a wide variety of samples, including water, oils, petroleum, geologicals, biologicals, and ferrous and n o n ferrous metals.

With the JY-48 comes all the sup­ port you'll ever need. Our installation and field service, software, and tech­ nical applications laboratories are unsurpassed. And if you're interested in Sequential ICP Elemental Analyzers, Instruments SA is there too, with both a scanning monochromator accessory to the JY-48, and the J Y-38 Sequential P l a s m a Spectroanalyzer. So for unmatched performance in ICP analysis, call or write today! Instruments SA, Inc., J-Y Optical Systems Division, 173 Essex A v e n u e , M e t u c h e n , N.J. 08840 (201) 4 9 4 8 6 6 0 , Telex 844-516. In Europe, Jobin Y v o n , Division d'Instruments SA, 1618 Rue du Canal, 91160 L o n g j u m e a u , France, Tel. 909.34.93 Telex J O B Y V O N 692882.

See us at t h e P i t t s b u r g h C o n f e r e n c e , B o o t h s 8 0 4 4 - 9 0 4 9 CIRCLE 93 ON READER SERVICE CARD


Wednesday Afternoon, Room H S. Nohr, Presiding 1:40 Rapid Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand—M. M. Takeguchi, L. B. Simpson, Κ. Κ. Smith, L. R. Morse, W. S. Ramsey, R. A. Messing, P. J. Martin, B. P. Sharma, Corning Glass Works 2:00 New Application Areas for Microprocessor-Based Analyzer for Total Organic Carbon in Water—R. H. Jones, C. Low, R. Rocks, R. Villalobos, Beckman Instruments, Inc. 2:20 Analysis of Municipal Sludge for Metal Content—D. Yates, T. Clevenger, M. Kaiser, E. Hinderberger, U of Missouri 2:40 Determination of Residues of Water-Insoluble Dithiocarbamates—R. D. Baker, Environmental Science and Engineering Inc., S. M. McCown, R. A. Strohschein, M. W. Hucks 3:00 Current GC-MS Methods for the Analysis of Toxic Organic Pol­ lutants in Industrial Wastes—D. E. Smith, W. C. Schnute, Finnigan Corp. 3:30 A Novel Method for Deter­ mining Purgeable Priority Pollu­ tants in Water Monitoring—W. C. Ng, R. J. Valis, T. W. Dolzine, T. L. Fisher, U. S. Army Environmental Hy­ giene Agency 3:50 A Concentration Technique for Nonvolatile Mutagens in Envi­ ronmental Samples—R. D. Smillie, J. E. Pagel, Ontario Ministry of the Envi­ ronment 4:10 Total Bound Nitrogen Analysis of Water by Pyro Chemiluminescence—L. D. Wreyford, Antek Instruments, Inc. 4:30 Performance of Discrete Analysis at Microgram per Liter Levels for the Determination of