Intermolecular Association and Supramolecular Organization in

The factor 1 − δ2/10 is properly appropriate only for a rodlike chain,38 but it is .... (MV)app ≈ 95 000 and (RG,V)app ≈ 18 nm for the solution...
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W. Y. Huang , P. T. Huang , Y. K. Han , C. C. Lee , T. L. Hsieh and M. Y. Chang ... Anton Kiriy, Manfred Stamm, Frederik C. Krebs, and Hans-Juergen Adler.

M. M. Green*. Department of Chemistry and Herman F. Mark Polymer Research Institute, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York 11201. Macromolecules ...

scattering, attributed to an extended chain structure, consistent with the formation of the lamellar suprastructure ..... pack well to give a global order. At longer times, (RG ... 4NAvmf(ϵ)/M, where vm is the particle volume and f(ϵ) is a function

Nov 3, 2007 - We describe a protocol for the preparation of synthetic amylin fibrils that exhibit a single predominant morphology, which we call a striated ribbon, in electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy images. Solid-state nuclear magneti

Soc. , 1990, 112 (5), pp 1768–1776 ... Molecules, Foldamers, and Polymers with Chiral Amplification and Their Functions ... Helical Self-Assembly and Photopolymerization Properties of Achiral ... Diacetylene Complexes of Tridentate 2,6-Bis(1-alkylp

Jun 10, 1999 - In the bulk, unfolding is a sharp transition, followed sequentially on further heating by the relatively sharp onset of the intermolecular association associated with heat set gelation. In contrast, for ..... Synthesis and characteriza

Jul 9, 2013 - We study the self-assembly of novel azobenzene-based chiral surfactants at the air/water interface, and find that while the pure enantiomers ...

it is reduced, to the observed conductivity of the PPy-CuPcTs thin-film electrode when the PPy is in a neutral form. The role of cations, such as. Acknowledgment.

(28) Bi, X.; Yao, Y.; Wan, M.; Wang, P.; Xiao, K.; Yang, Q.; Qian, R. Makromol. Chem. 1985, 186, 1101. Stereochemistry and Curvature Effects in Supramolecular.

There are still a few unknown factors that might contribute to the observed conductivity of the PPy-CuPcTs thin-film electrode when the PPy is in a neutral form.