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Materials Research Center. Crucible Inc. Pittsburgh ... call for details, today. Send Fon ... AUSTRALIA: Mideco (Sales) Pty., Ltd., Nunawading,Victori...
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nace to be 0.6% in the dust, 3.0% in the iron, and 96.4% in the slag, principally as calcium sulfide. Thus, practically all the sulfur in the coke ends up in a solid form rather than as an air pollutant.

J. S. Poliskin Materials Research Center Crucible Inc. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15230 Help wanted

DEARSIR: We have been looking for a company in the pollution-abatement field which could take used solvents (from the painting field), centrifuge or filter out solids, and then furnish a burner to use these solvents as a source of heat in a boiler. Alternately, the solvents could be burned to carbon dioxide and water, with the products of combustion led into a boiler to regain some of the Btu value. I have been unable to find information of this type in your 1970-71 Pollution Control Directory. Do you have any leads in your files as to whom we might discuss this problem with? Fred J. Kaim Technical Director Superior Plating, Inc. University & First Ave., N.E. Minneapolis, Minn. 55413 Would readers who can help Mr. Kaim please write ES&T? W e will see that he receives the information.-Ed. State ecology departments

DEARSIR: Dr. David Ackerman and I were pleased by the attractive and prominent treatment given to our article, “Department of Ecology: New arm of state government,” on page 506 of your June issue, However, the article as published does not contain the name of our SRI colleague, Dr. Richard Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt made significant contributions as a member of the SRI team in this organizational design project, particularly in the technical background he brought to it and in his extensive work with the Department of Ecology staff members who also participated. Howard M. Vollmer Stanford Research Institute Menlo Park, Calif. 94025


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Send For: General Catalog 204A. Pactecon Catalog 301A. Impinjet Catalog 151, THE W. w. SLY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers of Dust Filters and Gas Scrubbers 4813 Train Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44102 (216) 631-1100 ENGLAND: Aeronca International Ltd., Maidenhead, Berkshire AUSTRALIA Mideco (Sales) Pty., Ltd.. Nunawadinp.Victoria Circle


No. 16 on Readers’ Service Card Volume 5, Number 10, October 1971 979