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Letters. Safety and health. Roger Nelson. Environ. Sci. Technol. , 1979, 13 (4), ... DOI: 10.1021/es60152a605. Publication Date: April 1979. ACS Legac...
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LETTERS Available: X-ray diffraction data Dear Sir: The JCPDS-International Centre for Diffraction Data, in cooperation with N I H and EPA, announces an interactive search system based upon their file of over 33 000 powder diffraction patterns. J C P D S stands for the Joint Committee on Powder Diffraction Standards. J C P D S is a non-profit organization and is a “spin-off” from ASTM, American Society for Testing Materials. The Powder Diffraction Search Match System is available for use as a component of the NIH-EPA Chemical Information System (CIS) on a costrecovery basis. Searches are billed on an elapsed-time basis and cost between $5 and $20. For further information, contact the J C P D S at 215-328-9400 or the C I S a t 800-645-1 132. Charles Sullivan U S . EPA Washington, D.C. 20460

Hydrocarbon fuel supplies Dear Sir: I read with interest the article entitled “Hydrocarbon Fuel Supplies” ( E S & T , January 1979, p 27). In the table on p 29 entitled “The Synfuels Energy Grab Bag”: under the second-generation, C O C A S , the developer should be ICGG, and not IGT. ICGG stands for Illinois Coal Gasification Group. Under the status of the Texaco Process, there are two errors. First the statement that “demonstration plant design (but not yet authorized)” is incorrect. The demonstration plant design is proceeding; it is authorized and the funds appropriated. What was stated in my paper was that the U-CAS and Texaco Processes, both of which are in the design stage, are competing for the same demonstration plant. I stated that in my opinion these two processes should not be competing for the same demonstration plant funding. I said, however, a second demonstration plant has not been authorized. Also under the Texaco Process, that plant is designed to produce 1200 tons per day of ammonia, not 12. The next group of these processes, Westinghouse Fluidized Bed, Com-

bustion Engineering and FosterWheeler entrained processes, all produce medium-Btu gas and not highBtu gas. B. S. Lee, President IGT Chicago, Ill. 60616

Safety and health Dear Sir: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health invites research and demonstration grant applications designed to promote OCcupational safety and health. Project grants are available for research and demonstrations of underlying mechanisms relating to occupational safety and health including psychological factors involved. Applications relating to innovative methods, techniques, and approaches to the understanding and prevention of occupational disease and accidents and the elimination or control of hazards are invited. In particular, emphasis is placed on: ( 1 ) causes and prevention of occupational skin, neurologic, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive disease and reproductive effects; (2) control technology including asbestos and asbestos substitutes; (3) behavioral and motivational factors; (4) safety and injury prevention including musculoskeletal and back disorders; and (5) emerging problems particularly energy/mining and sidestream smoking. Project grants are available to universities, colleges, research institutions, and other public and private nonprofit organizations. Formal applications should be submitted on N I H Form 398 to the Division of Research Grants, National Institutes of Health, Westwood Building, Bethesda, Md. 20014 by March 1, July 1, or November 1 of each year. For further information, please contact: Roger A. Nelson, Research Grants Program Officer, Grants Administration and Review Branch, OECSP, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Parklawn Building, Room 8-63, 5600 Fishers Lane, Bethesda, Md. 20857. Telephone (301) 443-4496. Roger A. Nelson N IaSH Rockville, Md. 20857

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Volume 13, Number 4, April 1979