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THE MERCK INDEX ONLINE† Instant access to the most widely used chemical/biomedical encyclopedia in the world With THE MERCK INDEX ONLINE, retrieve pertinent information directly, instantly, on over 30,000 chemical, drug, and biological substances. Search for groups of compounds related by physical or chemical properties or pharmacological activity. Select records by patent assignees or trademark ownership. Over 10,000 monographs, some not yet in print, contain information on physical and chemical properties, chemical names, trademarks, molecular formulae, literature references, toxicity data, and medical, veterinary, and commercial uses. Semi-annual updates provide a current and convenient reference source for chemists, biologists, researchers, writers, and students. gg*r •—The ideal c o m p a n i o n to THE MERCK INDEX ONLINE: THE MERCK INDEX (10th Edition, 1983) To order y o u r copy, s e n d a check or m o n e y order for $28.50, payable to Merck & Co., Inc., to Professional H a n d b o o k s Dept., Merck & Co., Inc., E O . Box 2000, Rahway, NJ 07065-0901. + THE MERCK INDEX O N L I N E is a m a r k of Merck & Co., Inc. Merck & Co. Inc., a research-intensive company, has published ^ ^ ^ THE MERCK INDEX as a non-profit service to the scientific a n d medical ^ ^ communities since 1889.


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ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, VOL. 60, NO. 10, MAY 15, 1988 · 649 A