Mode selectivity in the classical power spectra of highly vibrationally

Thomas D. Sewell, Donald L. Thompson, and R. D. Levine. J. Phys. ... Charles Doubleday, Jr., Kim Bolton, Gilles H. Peslherbe, and William L. Hase. Jou...
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which has 9 and 36 degrees of freedom, where xli is the ith rate constant used in the calculation of a mean value at thejth temperature for HNS samples and y, is ...

Jun 1, 1992 - of polyatomic molecules.1"15 The evidence comes not only from collisional deactivation of ... 0022-3654/92/2096-8006S03.00/0 © ...... 8.0. 10.0. -16.0 -1-1-1-1-. 0.0. 2.0. 4.0. 6.0. 8.0. 10.0. TIME LAG (ps) ..... Bun- sen-Ges. Phys. Che

M. Polianski, O. V. Boyarkin, and T. R. Rizzo , V. M. Apatin, V. B. Laptev, and E. A. Ryabov. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2003 107 (41), 8578-8583.

Sangwoon Yoon,‡ Robert J. Holiday, and F. Fleming Crim*. Department of Chemistry, UniVersity of WisconsinsMadison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706. ReceiVed: ...

Feb 3, 2015 - Using ultra-broadband and highly time-resolved optical spectroscopy, we follow ... Our ability to monitor the multidimensional evolution of nuclear ... The Primary Photochemistry of Vision Occurs at the Molecular Speed Limit.

Feb 3, 2015 - Markus Kowalewski , Benjamin P. Fingerhut , Konstantin E. Dorfman .... Damianos Agathangelou , Yoelvis Orozco , Marco Paolino , Stefania ...

Feb 3, 2015 - such an experimental approach previously uncovered a. Figure 2. Transient electronic and vibrational signatures after photoexcitation of rhodopsin with an 8 fs pulse. (a) Differential absorbance map exhibiting a coherent artifact at ear

Feb 3, 2015 - (15, 22) Longer time delays (>200 fs) exhibit a stationary transient absorption spectrum with overlapping signatures of ground state bleach (498 nm) and bathorhodopsin absorption (560 nm). Individual transients such as that shown at 587

Tarver, C. M.; Calef, D. F. Energy and Technology Review; Lear, R. D., ...... Maija M. Kuklja , B. P. Aduev , E. D. Aluker , V. I. Krasheninin , A. G. Krechetov , A. Yu.

leading shock front by multiphonon up-pumping and internal vibrational energy redistribution ... the chemical energy sustains the leading shock wave front. The.