Few, if any, high boilers give you such a desirable combination of 1) dilution ratio 2) flowout. 3) blush resistance, and 4) solvency as ... Pent-Oxol...
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Few, if any, high boilers give you such a desirable combination of 1) dilution ratio 2 ) flowout 3 ) blush resistance, and 4 ) solvency as do Shell's new Pent-Oxol and Pent-Oxone solvents.

NITROCELLULOSE: Shell's new Pent-Oxol* solvent has a 4.7 dilution ratio, excellent flowout and blush resistance, good solvency— and evaporates fully in 3 3 7 5 seconds Pent-Oxol glycol e t h e r solvent is one of t w o new Shell high boilers with impressive properties for nitrocellulose. The other is PentOxone,* Shell's broad-spectrum keto-ether. These two Shell solvents can be stocked for use in nitrocellulose lacquers a n d t h i n n e r s , t h e n utilized in virtually every other type of coating system. Result: quality nitrocellulose formulations, bulk-purchase savings and simpler inventory. and Pent-Oxone S solventsnewofferPent-Oxol a unique combination HELL'S

of desirable properties for nitrocellulose lacquer and thinner formulations. Viscosity, blush, dilution, flow Eight grams of R.S. Vi-Second Nitrocellulose in 100 mils Pent-Oxol solvent gives these readings: Viscosity of 100 cps; blush resistance to 93 per cent R.H. at 80° E; dilution ratio o( 4.7 for toluene, 1.3 for high boiling aliphatic naphtha. Similar readings for Pent-Oxone solvent are 67 cps, 91 per cent R.H., 3.1 dilution ratio for toluene, 0.9 with aliphatic high boiling naphtha.

Both Pent-Oxol and Pent-Oxone solvents are evenly evaporating, true high boilers. Total evaporation times are 3375 and 2450 seconds. They give you the even flowout and resulting high gloss you expect. Broad spectrum of P e n t - O x o l , P e n t - O x o n e uses By using Pent-Oxol and Pent-Oxone solvents in many other coating systems, you can take advantage of bulk-purchase savings and simplify inventory: In acrylics, Pent-Oxol and Pent-Oxone solvents combine unparalleled gloss with excellent solvency. In vinyls, P e n t - O x o n e solvent can Circle No. 75 on Readers' Service Card

lower your costs and give you a bettersmelling finished lacquer. In urethanes, Pent-Oxone solvent combines low isocyanate reactivity with good solvency, eliminates the need for premium priced specialty solvents. Pent-Oxol and Pent-Oxone are also highly active solvents for melamines, maleics, alkyds, thermosetting acrylic epoxies, cellulose acetate butyrates of all types and a number of other basic resins. N e w technical bulletins, plus samples, are available on all these applications. Write any of Shell's 9 Industrial Chemicals Division offices, or directly to Shell Chemical Company, 110 W. 51 St., N e w York 20, N e w York. •Shell Chemical Trademark

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