Novel Effects of Surface Modification on Activated Carbon Fibers

Tsang , Wenjin Xiao , Dominique Collard , Philippe Coquet , Yasuyuki Sakai , Edwin Hang Tong Teo. Advanced Healthcare Materials 2016 5 (10), 1177-...
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in this type of porosity. (iii) CO2 at 273 ... (2) Lowell, S.; Shields, J. E. Powder, Surface Area and Porosity, 3rd ed.; Chapman .... volume of mesopores (mesoporosity of size larger than 7.5 .... CFS50. In this case (see the zone between 0 and 300.

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Nov 11, 2005 - Analysis. Surface Area and Pore Structure Analysis. The surface area and pore ... the medium and big micropores for ACF10 and only big micropores for ACF25. .... remained on the carbon surface even after exposure to 850 °C (data not s