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duty, 2" dia. x. 3" long discharge. Model* AH-501-500° F. 115V-$59.96 ... Heller solid-state, printed-circuit con- trollers provide adjustable speed ...
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Woelm Take advantage of

Chromatographic Adsorbents

for Column and TLC.

Pre treatment not required!

Determination of 17-ketosteroids, estrogens, adre­ naline and noradrenaline in urine and plasma, Separation of lipids etal.

get on-time delivery of gas mixtures Compared to other companies who supply gas mixtures, we're small. However, a look at our laboratory and production facilities, com­ bined with the technical competence and experience of our people, would convince you that we mean business. And, we handle — with equal interest — any requirement from simple to highly complex formulations and purified industrial gases. We try to mean what we say on the accuracy of the analytical data. About 90% of our business is referrals and repeats — which speaks for itself. Most of ow mixtures are prepared gravimetrically, using?a high load mg. sensitivity balance, which provides absolute accuracies greater than most analytical techniques can verify. We also supply the proper handling apparatus for any gas or mixture. Care to discuss your requirements? Let's hear from you.

M. Woelm Eschwege/Germany

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Alupharm Chemicals P.O.Box 30628 New Orleans, La. 70130 Tel. JA 5-3477

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PRECISION GAS PRODUCTS, INC. 817 East Linden Avenue, Linden, N.J. Phone (201) 925-8770 Cable Address: PRECGAS—USA Circle No. 19 on Readers' Service Card


FOR FAST HEAT up to 1 , 0 0 0 F.


For applications requiring q u i c k c o n c e n ­ t r a t e d h e a t blast up t o 1000° F., w i t h o u t flame. S o f t e n , f o r m , mold and patch plas­ tics, etc. T e m p e r a t u r e varied by air i n t a k e a d j u s t m e n t . 110-230 V . A C m o t o r 3 wire plug. A l l 110 V . models equipped w i t h a d a p t e r f o r 2-prong receptacle. 8 f t . heavy d u t y cord. I n t e r m i t t e n t d u t y . O t h e r models available w i t h lower t e m p , ranges. M o s t of t h e big names i n i n d u s t r y use M A S T E R H E A T G U N S i n laboratories or i n produc­ tion. Model H G 501-500° F. 115V—$49.90 (Others S44.30 t o $67.85)

AIR HEATER BLOWER For q u i c k electrically heated air up t o 750° F. For accelerating drying processes or for localized h e a t i n g . B . T . U . 3400. Air velocity 2000 F P M 110-230 V . A C o n l y . 3 wire plug. All 110 V . models equipped w i t h a d a p t e r for 2 prong receptacle. 8 f t . heavy d u t y c o r d . C o n t i n u o u s d u t y , 2" d i a . χ 3" long discharge nozzle. Model AH-501-500° F. 115V-S59.95 (Others f r o m $56.65 t o $90.25)

Write today to Dept. 17 Send for i n f o r m a t i o n o n hair dryers, hand and f o o t massagers, vibrators, grass t r i m m e r s , hair clippers, food blenders, and air purifiers. See our specs in V S M F

The Famous GT21 1/40-HP (shown here) at $99 The All-New 6T60 1/20-HP at $156 Nearly 25,000 Heller GT21 adjustable speed lab stirrers have been sold. The new Heller 6T60 stirrer offers the GT21's abilities in a powerful 1/20-HP version. Heller solid-state, printed-circuit con­ trollers provide adjustable speed with automatic correction for changing viscosity and line voltage variation; operate on 115-volt 50-60 cycle A.C. Speeds: GT21 — 0-6000 R P M using armature shaft, 0-333 R P M using gear shaft; 6T60 — 0-4000 R P M with arm­ ature shaft, 0-400 R P M with gear shaft. Prices of both include bracket for mounting on lab stand, 3-jaw chuck and paddle, and, with the G T 2 1 , 3-step pulley and propeller. Write for Bulletin 639. Available through leading lab supply dealers


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