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4 t& New England Association of Chem


Official Business 297th Meeting

The 297th meeting of the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers was held a t Westbrook Junior College in Portland, Maine, 011 October 11, 1958. Maurice M. Whitten, Chairman of the Northern Division, served as technical chairman. The first speaker was Edward T. Bryand, Manager of the New Products Division of Portland Copper and Tank Works. I n his talk, "Chemistry as Related to Modern Metal Fabrication," he described various operations where knowledge of the composition of their starting materials was of critical importance. He indicated the broad scope of his company's operations by stating that they "work with all the metals from A to Z, aluminum to zirconium, and no longer produce copper tanks but parts for aircraft, nuclear reactors, and missiles." Of particular interest was the development of brazing alloys for honeycomb structures. The second speaker, Dr. Stanley Herrick, Jr., of the Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital, spoke informally of the "Use of Radioactive Isotopes in Medicine" both for diagnostic purposes and for therapy. Specific uses of Ii3',P2, and CoBowerereviewed. I n the afternoon Sheldon Cushing of Portland showed beautiful colored slides on "Nature Study" emphasizing close-ups of fungi and other regional flora. The Chairman of the Membership Committee, Rev. Joseph A. Martus, read the following list of members who have been accepted into the Association since the 1958 Summer Conference: Rudolph Brada, Regis High School, Denver, Colo. George E. Crimmim, Rmdalph High School, Randolph, Mass. William E. Davis, Bridgton Academy, North Bridgton, Me. Harris P. Goldberg, Needham High School, Needham, Mass. Mrs. Virginia B. Isakson, Lyman Hall High School, Wallingford, Conn. Mrs. Kenneth C. Kruse, Lyman Hall High School, Wallingford, Conn. Burton R. Norton, Washington State Teachers College, Machias, Me. Timothy J. O'Connor, St. Joseph's College, North Windham, xr,, A,.=.

Gardner C. Pope, Falmouth High School, Cumberland Center, Me. Sister Agnes Francis, St. Mary's Central Catholic High School, Milford, Mass. Sister Miriam Dolores, Elizabeth Seton School, Yonkers, N. Y. Sister hl. Andrene, Cathedral High School, Boston. Mass.

Miss Angela M. Trovato of Branford High School, Branford, Connecticut, was named by President Robert D. Eddy to be Assistant Editor of the Newsletter, to succeed Mahlon F. Hayden. 298th Meeting

The 298th meeting was held a t Simmons College, Boston, December 6, 1958, jointly with the Eastern

Association of Physics Teachers and the New England Biological Association. Dr. John A. Timm, Director, School of Science, Simmons College, welcomed the three science societies in the name of President Park and Simmons College. Richard M. Whitney, Chairman, Central Division, NEACT, then introduced the first speaker of a a panel which had been arranged on the general topic of ultrasonics. Dr. Thedor F . Hueter, Acoustics Manager of the Sonar Department of the Raytheon Manufacturing Company, Wayland, Maseachusetts, spoke on the physical aspects of ultrasound, outlining the means of propagation and some of the theory and applications to which ultrasonics have been put. By the use of slides he presented the power of this device as a tool in fundamental research in many varied scientific fields. Dr. Eugene Bell, Assistant Professor of Biology a t the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then spoke on the biological aspects of the topic, with emphasis on current research in embryology using ultrasonics as a means for the separation of the ectodermal cell layer from the mesodermal layer of frog and chick embryos. Dr. Alan Hodge, Research Associate in the Department of Biology a t Massachusetts Institute of Technology, used the collagen macroanalysis of the macromolecule structure with the assistance of ultrasonics gave insight into this suh-branch of science. Dr. H. Thomas Ballantine, Associate Visiting Neurosurgeon a t the Massachusetts General Hospital, then presented a discussion of the medical uses of ultrasound, especially in brain surgery. The ability to focus ultrasonic waves has enabled doctors to perform surgery in the center of the brain without damage to the peripheral areas. Dr. Ballantine also demonstrated the use of a small ultrasonic generator as a possible classroom project. After a luncheon in the Simmons dining hall and the business meetings of the individual societies, the afternoon joint meeting was given over to the presentation of the motion picture film, "Principle of Ultrasonics," from the British Information Service, and to a panel discussion and question period on ultrasonics. The members of the audience had been requested t o write out questions, and these were then answered bv the morning speakers. The meeting closed with firther demonstration on the part of Dr. Ballantine of the ultrasonic generator which he felt could probably be borrowed from some physician in almost any town. Although such apparatus is of relatively low frequence and intensity, several demonstrations can he given to illustrate some of the properties of such high frequency sound. Volume

36, Number 3, March 1959


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The following were admitted as members of the Association a t this meeting: J. Gordon Annett, Hackensack High School, Hackensack, N. J. Clarence D. Berger, Staples High School, Westpart, Conn. Brother Alfred Peter, F. S. C., DP LsSdIe Academy, Newport, R. I. Brother C. Joseph, F.S.C., LaSalle Military Academy, Oakdale, Long Island, N. Y. Brother Ivo, C.F.X., St. John's Preparatory School, Danvers, Mass. Anthony Careieri, Coventry High School, Coventry, R. I. Walter G. Congdon, Mt. Hermon School, Mt. Hermon, Mass. Lloyd S. Dale, West SpringfieldHigh Sohool, West Springfield, -. Mas% Peter H. Debevoise, South Portland High School, South Portland, Me. Robert Dolloff, Foxbora High School, Faxboro, Mass. Horton K. Durfee, Darraw School, New Lebanon, N. Y. Bernard Gollis, Bedford High School, Bedford, Mass. Donald B. Hilton, University of Maine a t Portland, Me. Rev. Alvin Hufnagel, S. J., Brooklyn Preparatory School, Brooklyn, N. Y. Graham Jones, Student, Tufts University, Medford, Mass. Donald H. Kay, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, Mass. Daniel H. Kehoe, Quincy High School, Quincy, Mass. Donald G. Klim, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, Conn. Alan Lander, Avan High S~ohaol,Awn, Mass. Edward F. LaSala, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, Mass. Walter J. Palasita, Ferris High Sohool, Jersey City, N. J. David W. Parfitt, Broakline High School, Broakline, Mass. Eleanor M. Peck, Winchester High School, Winchester, Mass. Janet S. Perkins, Simmons College, Boston, Mass. Margaret F. Polglase, Glastonbury High School, Glastonbury, Conn.



Journal of Chemical Education

Ernest C. Shawcross, The Pingry Sehool, Hillside, N. J. Sister Mary Timothy, R.S.M., St. Ann High School, Gloucester, Mass. Carleton P. Stimchfield, Norton Co., Worcester, Mass. Edward J. Sullivan, Leicester High School, Leicester, Mms. Everett A. Trousdale, Naselle High School, Naselle, Wash. T. J. Tuari. Great Neck North Senior Hich School. N. Y. George A. ' Weygmd, Bridgewater ~ t a c~ e a c h e mCollege, Bridgewater, Mass. Mrs. Rachel K. Winer, Halliston High School, Holliston, Mass. Roger W. Woodhead, Oyster River High School, Durham,



Rohert H. Zaiim, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, Mass. Necrology

The Necrology Committee reports with regret the death of the following members: ERNESTDANA WILSON, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, October 19, 1958. REV. MICHAELA. LEONARD, S.J., Campian College, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. June 27, 1958. Announcement of

300th Meeting

On Saturday, April 11, 1959, a joint meeting of NEACT with the Connecticut Valley Section of the American Chemical Society will be held a t the High School, Hamden, Connecticut. Harry Sisler of University of Florida will be the principal speaker. Visitors to New England for the Boston meeting will be most welcome. LAURENCE S. FOSTER Editor of NEACT REPORT