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Educ. , 1935, 12 (4), p 186. DOI: 10.1021/ed012p186.2. Publication Date: April 1935. Note: In lieu of an abstract, this is the article's first page. C...
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DIVISION OF CHEMICAL EDUCATION-NEW YORK PROGRAM THE PROGRAM for the Divisionof Chemical Education at the New York meeting of the American Chemical Society will occupy four half-day sessions, on Thursday and Friday, April 25th and 26th. The central feature of the program will be a symposium on "The Lecture Demonstration Method versus Individual Laboratory Work." Several of the most important contributors to the literature on this debated issue will take part in the symposium. There will be a

number of formal papers and a considerable time for informal discussion. At least one session will be devoted to general papers. Attention of members is called to one important question on the agenda of the business meeting, namely, the continuance or dissolution of the Senate of Chemical Education, which has been inactive for several years. NORRIS W. RAKESTRAW, Secretary

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS A BOOKLET entitled, "Petroleum Products," pre- presentations of complicated relining processes yet senting a list of commonly used oil products, a simpli- made, traces the flow of crude oil from the bottom of fied refinery "flow chart" showing how they are made, the well through all phases of refining. All major and a map of the oil-producing areas of the United steps are shown in the manufacture of motor fuel, States, has been prepared by the American Petroleum kerosene, fuel oils, lubricating oils, gas oil, and asphalt. Included is the "cracking" process. Institute. A copy of the larger edition, suitable for framing, Two editions are available, the larger being printed in two colors on heavy paper suitable for framing. will be sent gratis to teachers of classes interested in industrial subjects, and limited quantities of the The smaller is intended for hand use. The "flow chart," one of the simplest pictorial smaller edition also will be made available.

The recollections of an already long life have permitted me to become acquainted with a great variety of personages. And if I call on memory to picture to me how the type of true happiness is realised on earth I do not see if under fhe form of the powerful man clothed in high authority, nor under that of the rich man to whom the splendours of luxury and the delicacies of well-being aregranfed, but under that of the man of science, who consecrates his life to penetrating the secrets of Nature and to the discovery of new truths. -- J. B. A. Dumas