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IFM Therapeutics looks to inhibit STING to treat autoimmune disease. The Boston firm, which previously developed STING activators for cancer immuno...
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Mineral analyses with X-ray diffraction.

Morphology observation by electron microscope Siderite specimen from Morro Velho, Brazil, and, in foreground, calcite specimen from Crystal Mine, III. Both are pictured in size scale of 0.4:1.

Pfizer Research Makes the Difference Greater Tinting Strength per Color Pigment Dollar. Greater Purity and Uniformity in Extender Pigments. The quality and functional advantages of Pfizer pigments are primarily due to years of continuing research. Most of it is conducted in our Research Center in Easton, Pa. There we have a large staff of scientists and technicians, plus extensive equipment and facilities, for development and testing of our products. These R & D activities result in periodic additions to and improvements in our product line. They also generate helpful information for our customers. A colorful and interesting booklet regarding our R & D work and its results, "Physical Chemicals for Industry," is yours for the asking.

Pfizer MINERALS, PIGMENTS G METALS D I V I S I O N DEPT. 3CX-12 · 235 East 42nd Street · New York, N.Y. 10017