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and Sonny Jönsson3. 1School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, Department of. Polymer Science, University of Southern Mississippi, 2609 West...
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2 cm were achieved, demonstrating a new paradigm for deep curing of ... photoinitiator-containing monomer to create a solidified pattern. Recoating to .... using a colliding-pulse mode-locked dye laser (100 fs pulses) fitted to a laser scanning .....

Danning Yang, Robert Kess, Tatsuya Iijima, Jim Owens, and Loo-Teck Ng. References. 1. Turro, N.J. Modern Molecular Photochemistry; Univ. Sci. Books: Mill.

behavior is found. An increased amount of iso-tactic triads ... in 1979 by Tryson and Schultz in order to for monitor in real-time acrylate conversions, based on ...

monomer on a moving belt that passes under a bank of UV lamps (6,7). Since .... Inhibitor-free η-butyl acrylate containing the desired concentration of photo.

W Hg-Xe lamp, Seiko Instruments Inc.). Samples (2 to 3 mg) were applied to an aluminum pan and irradiated with UV light under an air atmosphere. The light.

described in the previous paper (11). That is, QA salts having a bromide anion were prepared by the reaction of phenacylbromide and TV-methylpiperidine. The.

aluminum Q-Panels by using zero drawdown rods with double tapes. Great care ... a Thwing-Albert tensile tester with a strain rate of 0.5 in/min. For each sample,.

bromodecane, 9.0 g (—0.15 mol) of potassium hydroxide and 0.48g. .... second using LabCalc data acquisition software and were processed using ... 0. 100. 150. 200. Irradiation Time (sec). Figure 2. Photopolymerization of CHO in the presence of IOC

The thiols in this study are mercaptocarboxylic acid esters of TMP, penta, and their ... 0. ΤΜΡ3ΜΡ3. Ο. 0 eu. Ο. Ο. ^(OCH 2 C H 2 ) 0 0--x / - 0 (CH 2 C H 2 0 ) m ... 2h. 1 day thiol/weight %. TMPMA3. 47. 113. -13. 62. TMP3MP3. 49. 133. -16.

direct environment, are frequently used as analytical tools for monitoring ... increase in sensitivity is very pronounced in network forming di(meth)acrylates ... 50*15 mm windows, while clamps on both edges held the slides together. The.