Physical Chemistry Laboratory Reports

A Monvol forAuthothoth0 ondE&&m: American ChemioalSociety: Washingtrm, DC, 1986: ISBN 0-84lZW43-X. Frederick A. Kundell. Salisbury State University...
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Physical Chemistry Laboratory Reports l b help our students gain experience in writing articles, we are requiring the physical chemistry laboratory reports be written in article format. The students are required to have The ACS Style Guide ( 1 )and to use it as a reference in preparing their laboratory reports. Each experiment is to be written a s if it were o"gina1 research. The report is comprised of three parts, the article plus two appendices. The first appendix is for sample calculations while the second is for a comprehensive error analysis. While using article format requires more grading time a t the beginning of the course, the resultant conciseness and professionalism (usually) is a net time savings. More importantly, it is a valuable experience for the student.

Literature Clted 1. Dodd, Janet % E d T k A C S St&Guido.A Monvol forAuthothoth0 ondE&&m: American ChemioalSociety:Washingtrm, DC,1986: ISBN 0-84lZW43-X

Frederick A. Kundell Salisbury State University Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology Salibury, MD 21801-6837

Volume 71

Number 2

February 1994