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summary. Germanic nitride has been prepared by reacting metallic germanium. Germanic oxide may be used in place of ger-. The nitride is readily reduced by hydrogen at 700' to germanium and. This process serves as a method of analysis for the germaniu

summary. 1. Under the conditions used by us sodium ethylate is not a useful re- agent for obtaining the sodium salt of phenylacetonitrile. 2. A considerable quantity of sodium phenylacetonitrile is undoubtedly formed in the reaction of the nitrile wi

than in any other gravimetric method for fluorine. Acknowledgment.-This work was done under a fellowship grant in analytical chemistry from the J. T. Baker Chemical Company of Phillips- burg, N. J. Gratitude is here expressed for the aid given. summa

wooden board. Direct a gentle stream of ammonia gas upon the samples in rapid succession, preferably beginning with the smallest. A series of explosions of increasing intensity will ensue. summary. The present article contains a brief description of

summary. The energies of solution of fourteen ions have been calculated. The radii of the ions calculated from the relation AI3 = (e2/2r) (1 - (1/D)) are found to agree very closely with the values of Bragg and Bragg for ionic radii. Approximate valu

count the velocities of inversion are within 401, of the predicted rates. Summary. The addition of an inert substance, to keep the concentration of water and cane sugar constant while varying the concentration of the acid, has no appreciable effect i

summary. In this article are described: I . A modified method of brominating phenols. 2 . A modified method of methylating phenols to prevent oxidation. 3, The preparation of dibromo-guaiacol sulfonic acid, diiodo-guaiacol sulfonic acid, mono-bromo-c

THE JOURNAL OF INDUXTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY. Vol. 14, No. 3. Rc. Variety .... on a commercial scale. The low cost of cultivation is due to.

the carboxyl group of gallic acid has little influence on this reaction. 3. The replacement of one of the hydroxyl hydrogen atoms of pyro- gallol or gallic acid by an ...

Summary. (I[). It has been shown that Messinger's method for the analysis of ace- tone gives accurate and concordant results under proper conditions. (;z) The influence of standing, method of adding the iodine solution and shaking, effects of excess