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PAYNE, DEMING, WILLIAMS. 1961 26 (3), pp 659–663. Abstract | Hi-Res PDF · Reactions of Hydrogen Peroxide. IX. Oxidation of Cyanopyridines. The Journ...
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7), a 10-ml. portion of 0.1N sodium hydroxide was added to raise the p H t i about 8. An exothermic reaction developed and slight cooling wm needed to maintain the temperature a t 25-30". At the end of 3 hr., 95% of the peroxide had been consumed; 0.04 mole of oxygen had been evolved, After concentration under vacuum a t 60" and 6 mm. (final pressure), the residue was diluted with chloroform, chilled, and the crude benzamide (83 g., m.p. 120-125') collected by filtration. Reconcentration of the filtrate followed by Claisen distillation gave 86 g. of crudepyridine N-oxide, b.p. 90-100" (