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of Sciences addressed the role of risk assessment in managing exposure to chemical carcinogens.T\voyears later the Office of Science and Technol-...
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Cancer risk assessment

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The w o i article, by Daniel B. Menzel of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center in Durham, N.C., d e scribes physiological pharmacokinetic modeling, a promising new tool for use in extrapolation of quantitative data across routes of exposure, across specia, and to low dosr. He discusses the distribution of foreign chemicals in the

a42 Envimn. Sci. Technol.. Vol. 21.

No. 9, 1987

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Robert J. UwleMar. who suenested - " ~ ~ ~

and rmtrlimted the hrzicles and encouraged fellow scientisfr IO confribute IO he series. Umlenaar is project director of health and environmenral sciences ai the Dow chemical Compon, Midland, Uich.

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