Sn(IV) Multiporphyrin Arrays as Tunable Photoactive Systems

1 day ago - A series of arrays made of a central Sn(IV) porphyrin scaffold axially connected to two free-base units has been synthesized and character...
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Nov 1, 1996 - include the following: (1) Singlet excited-state energy transfer from the Zn porphyrin to the Fb porphyrin is extremely ... slowed up to 4-fold by the addition of groups to the linker that limit the ability of the linker and porphyrin t

Jul 24, 2001 - David C. W. Reid completed his B.Sc. with Honors (1992) and Ph.D. (1998) in Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Massey University under the supervision of Professor Tony Burrell and Associate Professor David Officer. He is curr

May 10, 2006 - European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2012 2012 (36), 5979-5990 ... Australian Journal of Chemistry 2009 62 (7), 692 ... Exploration ofmeso-Substituted Formylporphyrins and Their Grignard and Wittig Reactions.

Hole/electron hopping in all the monocations is rapid (107 s-1 or faster) on the .... Journal of the American Chemical Society 0 (proofing), .... The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2006 110 (40), 19810-19819 ..... Simona Rucareanu, Olivier Mongin, A

Page 1 ... compounds are easily prepared using Zn and Fb porphyrin building blocks. In order to ... The challenge of creating model systems for energy-transfer.

Jul 24, 2001 - Anthony K. Burrell,* David L. Officer,* Paul G. Plieger, and David .... under the supervision of Professor Tony Burrell and Associate Professor.

Jul 24, 2001 - These are the most common methodologies used to form porphyrin arrays and cover the bulk of the literature examples on the synthesis of porphyrin arrays. figure. Scheme 10. Synthesis of the Amide-Linked Tetraporphyrin 18a of Dubowchik

Dec 16, 2014 - A recently reported synthetic method has been employed to prepare several arrays of free base and zinc porphyrins. In the arrays, the ...

Excited-State Energy Flow in Covalently Linked Multiporphyrin Arrays: The Essential. Contribution of Energy Transfer between Nonadjacent Chromophores.

May 15, 2009 - Excitation Energy Transfer in Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Systems: A Combined Quantum-Mechanical/Classical Analysis of the Role of the Bridge ...