Spreadsheet programming in introductory physical chemistry - Journal

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the advantages of spreadsheet-based computer exercises in the teaching of the methodology of quantum and st...
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the computer bulletin boord Spreadsheet Programming in Introductory Physical Chemistry

equation solution, and (4) statistical mechanical expressions connecting the quantum state energy values with the thermodynamic properties. For the harmonic oscillator, the quantum state is defined by a single integer greater than or equal to zero. The first column of the spreadsheet should contain a simple list of integers, beginning with zero. The number of entries required will depend on the values of the ease variables and can be determined by the student. The quantum state energies are ealeulated from

C. E. Larrabee, Jr. Clermont College Univer~ity01 Cincinnati Batavia, OH 45103 and Esiel D. Spraguel University of Cincinnati Cincinnati. OH 45221 One of the principal goals of physical chemistry is the prediction of the physical properties of macroscopic systems from the microscooic . nronerties of their constituent partirlrs. The ncrewary the