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STABILIZERS PROTECT VINYL PLASTICS AGAINST HEAT AND LIGHT, PREVENT YELLOWING Nopco offers processors of polyvinyl chloride formulations a full line of Metasap® stabilizers which protect vinyl plastics against heat and light and impart brightness to the color while preventing yellowing and color drift. With these stabilizers go a line of Metasap organic activators. And because know-how is important in utilizing these products to the best advantage, Nopco's experience and technical assistance can be a helpful factor in solving your individual processing problems. Send the coupon below for information on the extent of Metasap service.

DUST FREE COATINGS WITH IMPROVED GLOSS Whether employing protein, starch or latex, paper coaters find that Nopcote® C-104 produces coatings, even at low calendar pressures, that are dust free and glossy. Nopcote C-104 lubricates. It improves flow and leveling characteristics so that one gets a smooth application even at high speeds. Whether the coating is applied by trailing blade, roll train, air knife or size press, Nopcote C-104 minimizes surface pattern and produces a uniform sheet. Furthermore, it has a minimum effect on color viscosity. It permits application of high-solids and therefore fast-drying coatings. Ask to have a Nopco man supply samples of Nopcote C-104 and set up mill trials for you. Send the coupon for immediate action.




NOPCO CHEMICAL COMPANY 60 Park Place, Newark, N.J.

NEW SLUDGE DISPERSANTS, RUST PREVENTIVES Nopco announces two new fatty imidazoline products, Nopcogen 22-0 and Nopcogen 22-T. The products have excellent surface active properties. Of themselves they tend to be hydrophobic, dissolving in and readily emulsifying such nonpolar solvents as kerosene and mineral oil. In acid solutions they are increasingly hydrophilic, becoming excellent emulsifiers for polar solvents and for semipolar solvents such as xylene and pine oil. Nopcogen 22-0 and Nopcogen 22-T also have value as additives for fuel oils such as home heating and diesel fuels. In this application they are exceptionally effective in sludge dispersal, rust prevention, and antistatic action. This dual function—surface activity in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems—makes these products of practical interest to the petroleum industry and the specialty chemical compounder.

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