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Bank Balance. January 1, 1973. Revenue. Dues. Interest from savings & treasury notes. A.C.S. cash & ... Investment. —savings account. —-U.S. treas...
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Statement from the Treasurer Executive Program Curriculum Teach chemistry Summer conference Legal expense-tax work Back tsxes-1968,1969 & 1970 Self-paced instruction Total Expenses Bank Balance December 31, 1973

Bank Balance January 1,1973 Revenue

Dues Interest from savings & treasury notes A.C.S. cash & investment pool C.S. operating expense N.S.F. consultant serviee-Grants . Summer conferences Other-addressagraph Refunds & Grants Transfer from savings Transfer from certificate of deposit Stock sold Dividends

'Disbursements: Investment -savings account -US. treasury notes Office of chairman Office of secretary Stenographic Office of treasurer Postage & supplies Stenographic Printing Subsidy & subscriptions Two year college program Small grants program Consultant service Committees


/ Journal of Chemical Education

Assets 24,786.98 58.10

112,620.78 112,792.49

Bank balance Savings account Treasury notes A.C.S. A s h and investment pool (including 48 shares a t cash value)


L. E. Erickson Grinnell College Grinnell, Iowa Statement of the Auditor In our opinion, the attached statements of the Division of the Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society presents fairly the assets at December 31, 1973, and the accompanying results of the operations for the year then ended in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a cash hasis. John A. Ruchotzke