Stereocontrolled Synthesis of (−)-Kainic Acid from trans-4-Hydroxy-l

This ketone could be easily obtained from trans-4-hydroxy-l-proline in good yield ...... Arturo Orellana , Sushil K. Pandey , Sébastien Carret , Andr...
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Stephen G. Davies , Ai M. Fletcher , Wataru Kurosawa , James A. Lee , Giovanna Poce , Paul M. Roberts , James E. Thomson , and David M. Williamson.

Sep 8, 2005 - A Practical Synthesis of (−)-Kainic Acid. Satoshi Takita , Satoshi Yokoshima , and Tohru Fukuyama. Organic Letters 2011 13 (8), 2068-2070.

(−)-Kainic acid (1), first isolated in 1953 from the Japanese marine alga Digenea simplex1 and later found in the related algae as well,2 is the parent member of ...

Tadayoshi OnozawaMariko KitajimaNoriyuki KogureHiromitsu Takayama ..... Takahashi , Takumi Ito , Wataru Yamada , Masayoshi Tsubuki , Toshio Honda.

A highly stereoselective synthesis of (−)-kainic acid has been achieved in 14 steps and >7% overall yield starting from inexpensive trans-4-hydroxy-l-proline.

Andrew E. Greene. Chimie Recherche (LEDSS), Universite´ Joseph Fourier,. 38041 Grenoble, France [email protected] Received July 20 ...

Apr 1, 1994 - Racemic -kainic acid (1) has been prepared from (lSfí,2SR,5RS)-ethyl (JV-(benzyloxycarbonyl)-. 3-aza-6-oxobicyclo[3.3.0]octane-2-carboxylate (11) in ca. 16% overall .... a single trisubstituted olefin 13 (93%). Oxidative ring.

Apr 1, 1994 - Receiued October 26, 19930. Racemic a-kainic acid (1) has been prepared from (lSR,2SR,5RS)-ethyl (N-(benzyloxycarbonyl)-.

We hoped to be able to achieve such a synthesis through regio- and stereoselective alkylation of ..... (ab) Hodgson, D. M.; Hachisu, S.; Andrews, M. D. Org. Lett.

... Ana I. Mateo, Concepción Pedregal, and Almudena Rubio*. Centro de Investigación Lilly, S. A. Avda de la Industria, 30. 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.