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Extraterrestrial Neutron Activation Anal- ysis, byJ. S. Hislop and R. E. Wainerdi. New Developments in Chemical Selec- tivity in Gas-Liquid Chromatogr...
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MODERN CLASSICS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY A selection from the best feature articles that appeared in recent issues of the American Chemical Society's publications ANALYTICAL CHEM­ ISTRY and CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING NEWS Particularly suitable as supplementary reading for the advanced student of analytical chemistry, this reprint volume contains articles on INFRA­ RED SPECTROMETRY, GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY, NMR, COMPUTERS IN CHEMISTRY, and many other topics that are presented only in out­ line form in most modern textbooks Price: $4.50 per copy, with a discount of 20% for orders of 10 or more (postpaid) Compiled and Edited by Alvin L. Beilby, Seaver Chemistry Laboratory, Pomona College, Claremont, Calif CONTENTS Standardization of Acidity Measurements, by Roger G. Bates Ion-Selective Electrodes and New Directions for Ion-Selective Electrodes, by Garry A. Rechnitz Polarography in Organic Chemistry, by Petr Zuman Instrumentation of a Spectrophotometric System Designed for Kinetic Methods of Analysis, by Theodore E. Weichselbaum, William H. Plumpe, Jr., and Harry B. Mark, Jr. Some Aspects of Fluorescence and Phosphoresence Analysis, by David M. Hercules Circular Dichroism: Theory and Instrumentation, by A. Abu-Shumays and Jack J. Duffield Shapes of Analytical Curves in Flame Spectrometry, by'P. J. T. Zeegers, R. Smith, and J. D. Winefordner Atomic Absorption Spectrometry: Applications and Problems, by L. L. Lewis Emission Flame Spectrometry—A New Look at an Old Method, by Ε. Ε. Pickett and S. R. Koirtyohann Infrared Spectroscopy, by Kermit Whetsel Recent Trends and Developments in Inorganic Far Infrared Spectroscopy, by John R. Ferraro

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Microwave Spectroscopy, by William H. Kirchoff Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, by Frank A. Bovey Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance, by Russell S. Drago Electron Spectroscopy, by David M. Hercules Analytical Potential of Photoelectron Spectroscopy, by D. Betteridge and A . D. Baker Expanded Analytical Horizons Through Mass Spectrometry, by Fred W. McLafferty and Roland S. Gohlke Thermal Analysis by Mass Spectrometryi by Roland S. Gohlke and Horst G. Langer Extraterrestrial Neutron Activation Analy s / s , by J. S. Hislop and R. E. Wainerdi SelecNew Developments in chemical Gas-Liquid Chromatography, tMty ln by Barry L. Karger uquld Chromatographic Detectors, by Ralph D. Conlon Digital Control Computers in Analytical Chemistry, by Jack W. Frazer A General-Purpose Laboratory Data Acquisition and Control System, by G. Lauer and R A - · Osteryoung Proper Utilization of Analytical Instrumentation, by S. Z. Lewin

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