Symposium on Teaching Crystallography: Resource List

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Symposium on Teaching CrystaIIography

Resource List Listed below are some of the books that are useful in teaching crystallography. This list is by no means comprehensive. Most of the books and materials necessarv to teach crystallographycan be purchased from the ~olycr&al Book Service, P.O. Box 3439, Dayton, OH 45401.

Stout, G. H.: Jensen. L. X-ray Shuctwe Determination, A Practical Guide; Macmiiian: New York. 1972. Wooitson. M. M. An htroduction toX-ray Crystallographx Cambridge University: New York. 1970. MemodsinEnzymlogy; Wyckoff. W. H.: Hirs, C. H. W.: Timasheft, S. N.. Eds.; Academic: New York. 1985; Voi. 114, Part A, Vol. 115, Pall 0. InternationalTables fw Crystallography. Volume A. 1-4: Haho. T.. Ed.; Reidel: 1983.

Teachlng Pamphlets hhKnationa1Tables f w Crystallography: Brief Teaching Edition of Voiume A Space-&up Symmetry; Hahn. T.. Ed.: Reidel: 1985. iUCr Commission on Crystallagraphic Teaching. Booklets on various aspects of crystsilography. Taylor. G.A; Ed.: 19 pamphlets. 1981-1984.


Crystals and Crystal Growth Evans. R. C. An Introductionto Crystal Chemistry: Cambridge University: New YWk. 1964. Hoiden. A,; Singer. P. Crystais & Crystal Gmwing; Doubleday: New York. 1960. Hoidan. A,; Marrison. P. Crystals and Crystal Growing; MIT Press: Cambridge, MA. repr. 1982. McPherson, A. Preparation B Analysls of Protein Crystals: Wiiey: New York. 1982 Nye. J. F. PhysicalPropRies ofCrystsis: TheirRepresentation: Oxford University: New York. 1957. Wood. E. A. Crystais andLlght: Van Nostand: New York. 1977. Wood. E. A. Crystals: A Handbwk for Schwi Teachers; 1972.

X-Ray DiMracfion and Crystal Structure Analysis Biundeii, T. L.: Johnson. L. Protein Crptsliography: Academic: New York, 1976. Buerger. M. J. Crystal Structure Analysis: Krieger: Melbourne, FL, repr 1980. Buerger. M. J. X-ray Crystallography: Krieger: Melbourne, FL, repr 1980. Bum. C. W. ChemicalCrystsiiography: Ciarendan: New Yo*, 1961. Cuility. B. D. Elements of X-ray Diffraction: Addison-Wesley: Reading, MA. 1978. Curtin, D. Y. introducfion to Crysraiiography: soflware an two disks tor Apple ii. Franklin, and Bell 8 Howail Computers (Geom. Cryst.). 1984. Dunltl, J. X-ray Analysis and the Strochrre of Organic Molecules: Cwneii University: ilhaca. NY. 1979. Giusker. J. P.: Trutlbiwd, K. N. Crystal Snucture Analysis: A Primer; Oxford University: New Yark. 1985. Hoimes, K. C.: Blow, D. M. The Use of X-ray Diffraction in the Shxly of Protein andNucleic Acid Sfructwe; Krieger: Melbourne, FL, repr 1979. Klq, H.: Alexander. L. E. X-ray Diffraction Procedures, 2nd ed.; Wifey-Interscience: New York, 1974. Ladd. M. F. C.: Palmer. R. A. SfructweDetermination by X-ray C~ystallographx Plenum: New Yark, 1985. Lipson, H.; Cochran. W. Determinationof Crystal Structures. rev. ed.; Corneii Univershy: nhsca. NY, 1966. Phillips. F. C. An Introduction lo Cwstaiiographl: 3rd ed.; Longmans. Oreen: New York. 1983.


Journal of Chemical Education

Symmetry Bernai, I.; Hamilton. W. H.; Ricci. J. S. Symmetry: A Stereoscopic Guide for Chemists; W. H. Freeman: New York. 1972. Hargiuai. I. Symmetry-Unifying Human Under~tandlng:Pergamon: New York. 1986. Hoiden. A. ShaDes. Smce & Svmmetw Columbia UniverriN: New York. 1971. ~ s p e c r i o~scher's f ~enodic~rawings 2nd eo MacGd wry. C: ri Sy&lr/ Bohn Sche lema 8 Ho kema Jtrecnr 1976 AsPecrs of Symmetry nternatlonai F m Breau inc.. 332 South Mfcngan Avenue. Chicago, iL 60604. Symmetry: internationalFilm Bureau Inc., 332 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago. iL 60604.

Results of Crystal Structure Beever5 Miniature MOMtis Unit. Department of Chemistry. University of Edinburgh. West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 355, United Kingdom. Dickerson, R. E.; Geis. I. Structure & Action of Proteins; BenjaminICummings: Menlo Park, CA. 1969. Dcnohue. J. T b SSucturss of the Elements: Krieger: Melbourne. FL, repr 1982. ~ - Giusker. J. P. Sfrocturd CIystaIIogmphy in ChemistrysndBioiogy: Hutchinson Ross: 1981. Weiis, A. F. Sfrucfwal Inorganic Chemistry, 5th ed.; Oxford University: New York. 1984. repr wlcorr 1986. Wyckoff, R. W. G. Structure of Crystals; Kreiger: Melbourne. FL, 1935, repr 1963.

Bo'oksof General Interest Bragg. W. H. X-raysandCrystalStructure, 2nd ed.; Bell. 1924. Bragg. W. H. Introductionm Crystal Analysis; Bell, 1928. Ewaid. P. P. Fifty Years of X-ray Diffraction: N. V. A. Oosthoek's Uilgevers maatshcapplj, 1962. Sayre. A. RoSBlindFrankiin B DNA: Norton: New Yo*. 1978. Watson, J. D. The Double Helix: Atheneum: New Yo*, repr 1980.

Data Bases Cambridge Crystallographic Data Base; National Technical information Service (NTiS). U.S. Department of Commerce. 5285 Port Royal Road. Springlieid, VA 22181. Pmtein Data Bank Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory. Upton, NY 11973. Inorganic Crystal Structwe m t a Base; contact Paul Deiievigne. 7 Woodland Avenue. Larchmont. NY 10538.