Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Well-Defined Poly(propylene

Jan 15, 2016 - Recent advances and remaining challenges for polymeric nanocomposites in healthcare applications. Sandeep Kumar , Sarita , Monika Nehra...
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expression.1 HDACs have been divided into two distinct classes, operating by a .... cellular HDAC activity assay in the same cell line concentrating on SAHA, 32 .... of primary importance for its interactions network: it coordinates the zinc ion in a

Sep 24, 2009 - Ruthenium(0) Catalyzed Endiyne−α-Ketol [4 + 2] Cycloaddition: Convergent ... The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2010 75 (3), 922-928.

Jul 30, 2010 - The total synthesis of destruxin E (1) has been achieved for the first time, and the stereochemistry of its chiral center at the epoxide has been determined to be (S). The cyclization precursor 3a was synthesized by solid-phase peptide

Oct 31, 2007 - Citation data is made available by participants in Crossref's Cited-by Linking service. For a more comprehensive list of ... A BODIPY-embedding miltefosine analog linked to cell-penetrating Tat(48-60) peptide favors intracellular deliv

Jul 18, 2016 - Three series of substituted pyrimidines were designed and synthesized. All target compounds were screened for kinase inhibitory activities against PI3Kα, and most IC50 values were found within the nanomolar range. Compounds 5d and 5p

Jul 18, 2007 - Plasmodium falciparum lactate dehydrogenase (pfLDH) is a key enzyme for energy generation of malarial parasites and is a potential antimalarial chemotherapeutic target. It is known that the oxamate moiety, a pyruvate analog, alone show

Dec 9, 1999 - Supervised Feature Ranking Using a Genetic Algorithm Optimized Artificial Neural Network. Thy-Hou Lin, Shih-Hau Chiu, and Keng-Chang Tsai. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2006 46 (4), 1604-1614. Abstract | Full Text HTML |

May 19, 2017 - LDN-212320 (3) was found to be a potent EAAT2 activator at a translational level, restoring the normal clearance of glutamate and providing neuronal protection. Since the pharmacologic activation of EAAT2 represents a valuable strategy

Oct 6, 2016 - ... Ji , X.; Zhang , L.; Wang , J. F.; Xie , X.; Liu , H. Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cascade Approach for the Synthesis of Tryptamine-Based Polycyclic Privileged Scaffolds as alpha(1)-Adrenergic Receptor Antagonists J. Org. Chem. 2013, 78, 10802

Jan 24, 2004 - All other reagents and solvents were from Aldrich (Milwaukee, WI) and Fisher Scientific (Fair Lawn, NJ), respectively, and were used without further purification. The concentrations ...... The hydrolysis data were fit to first-order ki