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specific for your process

surface-active agents

SWIFT, THOROUGH WETTING AGENTS "Tergitol" 7 (25% sodium heptadecyl sulfate in aqueous solution). For solutions containing up to 1% of dissolved materials. Emulsifies waterinsoluble, low-viscosity liquids. Breaks difficult solvent-water emulsions. "Tergitol" P-28 (25% sodium dioctyl phosphate in aqueous solution). For solutions containing 1 to 2% alkalies, or 2 to 5% neutral salts.

POWERFUL, "DEEP-DOWN" PENETRANTS "Tergitol" 4 (25% sodium tetradecyl sulfate in aqueous solution). Effective penetrating action— swiftly saturates densely packed materials, baled cotton, wood, paper. Wetting agent for solutions containing 3 to 10% of dissolved materials.

Tergitol" 0 8 (38% sodium octyl sulfate in aqueous solution). Chemical stability and pene­ trating actions combined—for all operations in strong acid or alkaline solutions containing 10 to 25% of dissolved materials. "Tergitol" EH (25% sodium 2-ethylhexene sul­ fonate in aqueous solution). Unites wetting and penetrating action in highly concentrated acids, bases, and salts. Low degree of absorption by silica.

VERSATlLE, NON-IONIC DISPERSANTS "Tergitol" TMN and TD (polyethylene glycol alkyl ethers supplied in concentrated form). Com­ patible with anionic and cationic surface-active agents. Excellent dispersing and wetting agents. "Tergitol" XC (polyglycol alkyl ether supplied in 100% active form). Exceptional detergent, emulsifying, dispersing, and wetting actions with stability under rigorous process conditions in acidic, alkaline, or hard water systems. High, swift solubility. Wide compatibilities. An odorless, colorless solid, readily blended into dry deter­ sive formulations.

Availability : Commercial Quantities For full information on the "Tergitol" surface-active agent specific to your process, call or write the nearest of Carbide''s

21 Offices.

CARBIDE AND CARBON CHEMICALS COMPANY A Division of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation 30 East 42nd Street UCC New York 17. Ν. Υ

Let us send you our booklet, Tergitol" Surface-Active Agents. Simply write for F-5900C. and give your name and address. Offices in Principal Cities In Canada : Carbide and Carbon Chemicals, Limited, Toronto

"Tergitol" is a registered trade-mark of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation.