The Atom Story

The second edition of this popular text continues to feature the use of a long-type periodic table as modified by the author. In revising the book, th...
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Joseph A. Bobor, Professor of Chemistry, College of the City of New York. Second edition. Thomas Y. Crowell Co., New York, 1953.. mii 766 pp. Illustrated. IS X 22.5 cm. $5.


Although mercurous chloride is written as HgdX, the cuprous ion is written a8 CuC, and cuprous iodide as Cul. Also in the section on hydrogen fluoride, although the association of hydrogen fluoride is pointed out, the formula HnF2is used consistently for its formula both as the gas and in solution, with the explanation that "since salts of the type NaHF%are known, we frequently use the formula HnFefor hydrofluoric acid." No mention is made of the ring formaf association, HaFa,in which H F can exist. For those who have used the first edition of this text, the second edition will be welcome, with its inclusion of the recent developments in the chemical field and the "latest methods for obtaining bromine, magnesium snd other important met+ silicones, rubber, atomic transformation, atomic energy and the atomic bomb." Those who are not familiar with the book will find that the author has given much thought to the orderly presentation of the chemistry of the elements, their compounds, and to the nrineioles relatine to their behavior. Es~eciallvnoteworthy are rlw appendinri 1;1 tho nd or t l a I,ook s;.llivh i:outnin 13 tnhlts of ~ r i ~ i ~nfnrnution. ul H re