THE LOVE FILTRE - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (ACS

THE LOVE FILTRE. Edger Bundy. Ind. Eng. Chem. , 1938, 30 (10), pp 1162–1162. DOI: 10.1021/ie50346a015. Publication Date: October 1938. ACS Legacy ...
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V = volume rate of flow W = weight rate of flow Y = expansion faotor ( I ) = constant = difference, applied to AH or A p 9 = function p = coefficient of viscosity p = density Subscripts: A = upstream pressure tap position, differential pressure producing device B = constriction, differential pressure producing device

VOL. 30, NO. 10

s = reference state 1, 2, 3,4 = different values of constants or different conditions of temperature and pressure





s f y ~ d b = downstream pressure tap position, differential pressure producing device


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By Edgar Bundy

h list of Reproductions Nos. lFt,o 60 appeared in our issue

of January, 1936, page 129; the list of Nos. 61 to 72 ap’peared in January 1937 page 74; NOEL 73 to’84 a d listed in January, 1938, page 70, where also is shown No. 85 with details for ob-

With this, No. 94 in the Berolzheimer series of Alchemical and Historical Reproductions, we add a new artist to the series. Edgar Bundy, A. R. A., was born in Brighton, England, in 1862, and spent most of his life in London. His work, mostly historical and realistic genre paintings, was exhibited a t the Royal Academy, commencing in 1881, and from 1907 on a t the Paris Salon. He died in 1922.

This painting depicting, as it were, the extraterritorial activities of the alchemist, was painted in 1894,and is signed and dated in the lower right corner. It was reproduced in Leshe’s Magazine the next year. The present location of the original is not known. D. D. Berolzheimer 50 East 41st Street New York, N. Y.